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Happy 5000 Day: Let’s get to know Mbitious’ leader, 5000

Shin Seunghoon, best known by his stage name 5000 (Oh Cheon), is a famous hip-hop dancer who specializes in the subgenre of popping.

Image Source: Mnet

Career as a Dancer

He was a former member of XEBEC and is currently a member of Bitgoeul Dancers.

5000 holds the record for the most wins in underground dance battles, with at least 50 victories, earning him the moniker, “Bad Boy of the Hip-Hop Dance Scene.”

Be Mbitious

He made an appearance in the South Korean reality show “Be Mbitious” by Mnet in early 2022, where solo male dancers battle to join the dance project named “Mbitious.”

Image Source: Mnet

Along with Kim Pyongya, Roh Taehyun, Tarzan, Hoya, Wootae, Jinwoo, and Kim Jungwoo, they make up the final eight members of Mbitious.

Image Source: Mbitious Official Twitter (@Mbitious_twt)

Street Man Fighter

He also appeared as the leader of Mbitious in Street Man Fighter, a competition between male dance crews for the title of the best dance crew.

Image Source: Mnet

Mbitious came in third in the show’s final rankings.

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Additionally, the fans prepared a hashtag party in honor of his birthday yesterday, Jan 24, where they posted messages for 5000 on Twitter along with the following hashtags: #오천생일_5000만큼축하해 #HAPPY_5000_DAY

Image Source: Mbitious Official Twitter (@Mbitious_twt)

Do you want to wish him a happy birthday too? Join the hashtag party now!

You can also follow him on Instagram for more updates!

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