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Things to know about South Korea’s rising actor Kim Seon Ho

Written by: Kim Seon Ho Philippines

Kim Seon Ho’s latest update on his acting career is his new character as one of the main lead on tvN’s upcoming drama “Start-up.”

“Start Up” tells the story of young individuals who wanted to be successful in a start-up business world.

Kim Seon Ho will be joining actress Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kang Hana.

“Start Up” is set to premiere this coming October 2020.

With that, let’s get to know the South Korea’s rising actor Kim Seon Ho.

He is a versatile actor

Image Source: Salt Entertainment

Kim Seon Ho can do acting and did plays from his recent career up to his latest play in “Memory in Dream” (2019-2020).

He debuted as a theatrical actor in 2009

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His very first acting role was on KBS Good Manager in 2017.

Though he started as a minor role, he was able to portray a remarkable piece in Strongest Deliveryman, a romance comedy drama in the same network at the same year.

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This opened an opportunity for Kim Seon Ho to be one of the lead in Two Cops. Wherein he portrayed a dual personality role which earned him two awards in the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

He then started to be recognized as a rising actor and has been in different drama series such as 100 Days My Prince in 2018.

2019 is a bountiful year for Kim Seon Ho

Image Source: Salt Entertainment

He was chose to be one of the main cast for two projects.

The first one is JTBC’s Waikiki Season 2 in 2019 and later in that same year, he got his first title lead role as the chief of subway in Catch the Ghost aired in tvN.

Currently, he is one of the six cast in the on going variety show of KBS, 2 Days 1 Night Season 4, wherein he was tagged as a charming variety rookie.

He became one of the highlight in the show and the talk of the town from the start of the season last December 2019 up to now.

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In the latest episode aired last August 16, 2020 (Episode 37), he was compared to Lee Seung-Gi who can make a big hit soon in commercials.

Kim Seon Ho’s nickname is “Paperdoll”

Another thing that we have to know about Kim Seon Ho is his screen nickname such as “Paperdoll” because of his doll-like dancing skills that was seen along with the cast of 100 Days My Prince with EXO’s growl concept.

He is also called as “Mr. Dimple”

Image Source: Salt Entertainment

He is also well known as “Mr. Dimple” because of his appealing and charming looks especially when he smiles and shows his very attractive dimples.

He shows good vibe and inspiration on his smiles. His talent does not stop on his acting skills in theater play; one of his role in the drama revealed his talent in arts and painting.

He can also sing well as discovered in 2 Days 1 Night Season 4 on their singing competition in Episode 22 and his character in Waikiki 2.

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Let’s keep on supporting Kim Seon Ho and his acting journey.

You may also follow his official Instagram account @seonho__kim and his fansclub page Kim Seon Ho Philippines.

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