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5 Kim Seon Ho photos to make you smile + 2023 Asia Tour in Manila

Bes, two days to go and we’re about to experience a good night with the good boy!

Kim Seon Ho Asia Tour in Manila <One, Two, Three. Smile> is happening on January 22, 2023, 5PM at the Mall of Asia Arena. This event is presented to us by Pulp Live World. Have you secured your tickets yet?

While waiting for our Han Ji-pyeong to arrive, here are five Kim Seon Ho photos to make you smile!

1. He may be a little wacky, but he’s a happy wacky.


2. The suit that never goes out of style.


3. Dressing for fall is all about layering.


4. I have no idea what he’s doing.


5. The spotlight is yours on January 22, 2023.


Don’t forget to get your tickets and see you on Sunday, mga bes!

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