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Golden Child’s one and only Jangstar: Lee Jangjun

One of the most hardworking idols in the industry is Golden Child‘s variety star, Lee Jangjun.

You can see him everywhere: from radio shows to variety shows, he is there.

Jangjun proved that he isn’t just your regular idol and is excellent on pretty much everything. He’s very versatile. He’s really good at it that’s why he’s always invited in almost every show out there. Even the hosts of these shows praised him for his wit and comedic skills.

With his very busy schedule, we see that Jangjun barely gets a break. But he loves what he’s doing and wants to keep on putting smiles on everybody’s faces.

Get to know Lee Jangjun

Lee Jangjun is Golden Child’s main rapper and vocalist. He was born on March 3, 1997.

He started as a trainee at Woollim Entertainment and was a backup dancer to their senior group, INFINITE.

He was a part of Woollim’s pre-debut project called W Project. He released a song titled “Drought” together with his fellow trainee, TAG. The song also featured BéE.

Jangjun debuted as a member of Golden Child on August 28, 2017.

He’s known for his comedic skills and is considered the mood maker of the group.

Jangjun has no plans of doing variety and only wants to focus on creating music with his group. He eventually saw this opportunity to help Golden Child become well known in the industry.

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Moreover, Golden Child is rising as one of the most popular boy groups in the industry, and along with that is Jangjun’s dream is slowly coming true.

Jangjun has a very long list of variety, reality, and radio shows that he guested or hosted, or starred in. In some shows, he appeared on his own and some are together with his group members.

Also, included in this list are the shows the entire Golden Child starred in.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these shows.

*The list may or may not be complete. The shows listed below are available for legal viewing online.*

Dingo Jangstar

“Jangstar” is Jangjun’s first solo show and produced by Dingo.

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He usually has guests in the show and some Golden Child members appear as well.


This is the group’s pre-debut show. You can see that even as a trainee, Jangjun already showed his funny and playful side.

Ring It!

After their debut, they had a show titled Ring It!. This can be viewed on their V LIVE channel.

Idol Certification Center

Let’s Go Korea Gangwon-do INFINITE x Golden Child Battle Tour

Idol Workshop Golden Child

Big Battle

Idol League

Stark’s Star Wars

Jangjun, together with his fellow member Jaehyun, were hosts in this show.

The Shop Next To The Best

Ssap Possible

This is a show hosted by Jangjun and his best friend and AB6IX member, Jeon Woong.

Idol Dictation Contest

Drinking Guys


Another show he is currently hosting with his fellow member, Joochan.

Idol In Alley

Convenience Store Gourmet

Mr. Kwang in Studio Kwang

Golden Child Olympics

This is Golden Child’s ongoing show and available for viewing on their official Youtube page.

King of Mask Singer

Even holding the position of main rapper, Jangjun showed off his perfect singing skills.

Weekly Idol

Since their debut, Golden Child are invited to guest on Weekly Idol during their comebacks. They appeared a few times and it was always a fun guesting and you can see how Jangjun enjoys himself there.

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Knowing Brothers

Idol Star Athletics Championships

Golden Child is often invited to play and compete at ISAC. Aside from his funny side, you can see Jangjun showing off his very athletic side.

He won a silver medal and 2 bronze medals for the 60km run.


Two Yoo Project Sugar Man: Season 3

Radio shows

Jangjun is a regular on radio shows. It’s either he appeared with his fellow members or alone.

He’s a regular guest at MBC’s Dream Radio and Naver NOW’s Lunch Attack.

Additionally, during their comeback days, they are often guested on various variety or radio shows.

Our dearest Jangjun, you are very hardworking. You’ve worked so hard since your debut and we are very proud of you. Thank you for making us laugh every time. It will never be the same with you. Please continue being your happy self and remember that it won’t make you less of a man if you cry. If you become emotional, it’s fine, it only proved that you’re strong enough to hold it in. Goldenness are here to cheer you up if you are sad, just like what you did to us. Happy birthday Jangstar! We love you!

Which of these shows is your favorite? Did we miss anything? Share it with us in the comments below!

All images are courtesy of Golden Child, Woollim Entertainment, and credits marked on images

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