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5 Famous Korean Idol Groups Who Fanboyed/Fangirled Over Jake Zyrus

Charice. Super Junior. SNSD. SHINee. F(x). CNBlue.

It’s no secret that many Filipinos are huge fans of K-Pop. But did you know that K-Pop Idols were once (and maybe still are) fans of Filipino singer Charice Pempengco (now Jake Zyrus)?

Imagine, your idols idolising our very own Charice?!

I can’t help but be proud of my kababayan. *I can’t stop squealing inside!*

Remember in the late 2000s when Charice became a worldwide star and was called the World’s Most Talented Girl? She even got acquainted with Hollywood’s biggest names such as Oprah, David Foster, Celine Dion, as well as her fellow youtube sensation Justin Bieber. She guested on multiple shows across the globe and South Korea was not an exception.

Yes! South Korea, folks! The land of our oppas and unnies!

She had a total of four appearances in Star King from October 13, 2007 through April 7, 2012. Star King was a very popular South Korean variety show from SBS hosted by Kang Hodong–yes, the Hodong on Knowing Brothers. The show ran from 2007 through 2016. As Heechul have always teased, it was the show were Hodong terrorised lots of idols, but he was such a darling to Charice–ehem ehem, because of the talent, I guess?)

Kang Hodong saying Charice`s performance is the best!
Screencaptured from youtube.

Charice was Star King’s all-time favourite guest! How amazing is that?

Her performance on the show was even called the “Best Singing Performance in Star King” and she also got a name from the show which is “Multi-Entertainer Pempengco” because of the dancing skills she showcased.

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Here is the list of idols who had goosebumps, was rendered speechless *and became such a fan–like us* because of Charice’s talent:

1. Super Junior (Our kings! Korea’s MC idol group)

During her first appearance, Charice sang And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going and the members of Super Junior were practically oooohing and aaaahhhing because of her amazing voice and stage presence. Leeteuk became a water boy and Kangin went to stage and wiped Charice’s face with his hanky! *like the thing we do to our idols when given the chance, but the thing is, OUR IDOL DID IT TO CHARICE!*

She also had a shared stage with Super Junior where they performed the group’s first single U.

Super Junior`s fanboy moments over Charice.
Screen captured from youtube.

After the group performance, Charice was then asked who she liked and she chose SJ’s resident balladeer, Kyuhyun because she heard that he is an amazing singer. They sang A Whole New World where leadernim Leeteuk was brought to tears (this performance was after Kyuhyuns vehicular accident).

During Charice’s third appearance, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk went up the stage and hugged her after her One Moment In Time performance. Leeteuk also wanted to take home the placard Charice had made and have it hung on his wall. *major fanboy moment*

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk`s fanboy moments.
Screencaptured from youtube.

2. SNSD (Yes! The nation`s girl group nonetheless!)

On her second appearance*, Charice sang I Will Survive where SNSD Yoona`s and Yuri`s jaw dropped; they even stood up because of the powerful performance.

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*The second appearance was due to Koreans wanting her to be on Star King again. She was the no. 1 pick among 50 overseas participants.

Yoona and Yuri`s fangirl moments.
(Screencaptured from youtube)

3. SHINee (Korea’s best dance group!)

During her third visit* SHINee`s leadernim Onew (along with his sunbaes SJ) were seen standing up and clapping after Charice`s performance. Jonghyun was even imitating the movements of Charice`s hand and maknae Taemin was smiling throughout the performance. SHINee members were also swaying with the song.

*The third visit was to promote her hit song Pyramid.

SHINee`s fanboy moments.
Screencaptured from youtube.

4. F(x) (One of Korea’s talented group yet underrated)

Also on Charice’s third visit, Queen Victoria and Luna f(x) were among the guests. During this visit, Luna wanted to show off her talent to Charice. They both sang One Moment In Time. After singing, Luna cried and said she wants to be like Charice-unnie in the future.

Luna`s fangirl moments over Charice-unnie.
Screencaptured from youtube.

5. CNBlue (Korea`s flower boy band)

CNBlue`s fanboy moments.
Screencaptured from youtube.

This also happened during Charice’s third visit on the show. All CNBlue members showed their amazement over her singing. Yonghwa, CNBlue’s leader, even shook her hands and hoped to be just like her–a worldwide star.
Yongie’s hands were shaking after their handshake. Man, that will surely happen to me once I meet and shake hands with Yongie.

In all of her performances in Star King, she proved how big and talented she is. All of her listeners literally had goosebumps when she practically owned the stage. On her fourth guest appearance, she went to promote her concert in South Korea.

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Jake Zyrus was once idolized by our idols! Feeling proud yet?

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