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Get to know Goldenness’ Bongvely: Bong Jaehyun

In this world full of idols, Golden Child‘s Bong Jaehyun shines like no other.

A singer, dancer, actor, and good person, what’s not to love about our dear Bongjae?

As he celebrates his birthday today, let me share a few things that you need to know about Bongjae and you will see how incredible of a person he is!

A Capricorn

Bong Jaehyun, Bongjae, as what most fans liked to call him, was born on January 4, 1999.

He’s part of Golden Child’s maknae line and also a part of Golden Child‘s unofficial unit, “Googoos”, with his fellow 99 liner members, Jibeom, Donghyun, and Joochan.

An only child

He is the only child of the Bong family but their family has two dogs namely Bongji and Bonggu.

Even though he is an only child, Bongjae is blessed with 9 brothers through Golden Child.


Jaehyun’s surname is Bong and that makes him the only idol who has the surname “Bong”.

He studied abroad

Jaehyun studied in Chicago, USA after elementary school. He also lived in Wisconsin, USA for two years.

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Since he lived in the USA, Jaehyun is fluent in English and uses the name Kevin Bong as his English name.

The “BongPid”

Jaehyun created his own aegyo move called the “BongPid”.

You cannot not fall in love with him when you saw him to this!

Extra talented

He can sing, dance, act, host, overflowing visuals. What is it that he cannot do?

Bong Jaehyun debuted as a member of Golden Child in 2017 and has been in the K-pop industry since then.

He’s an amazing singer and dancer and you will definitely see his talent whenever he performs.

Aside from singing with his members, Jaehyun did a few covers that really showed his singing talent.

Before debuting as an idol, Bongjae appeared in the short film “4th Place” as a member of the swimming team.

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Jaehyun starred in the web drama “Convenience Store Fling” and was also set to star in the Netflix series “Goedam” season 2.

Bongjae also hosted the show “Stark’s Star Wars” together with his fellow member Jangjun.

Jaehyun also posed for a lot of magazines and is flexing his very handsome looks that no one can’t deny!

His husky voice

Jaehyun’s husky voice is so adorable when you hear it!

You will notice his husky voice when he sings and especially when he laughs!


Bongjae loves to play basketball and he’s really good at it. He’s also the basketball captain when he was in middle school.

When he was five years old until the 6th grade, he used to be a short-track speed skater. He joined competitions and won medals as well.

A fanboy

Jaehyun is an EXO-L and Baekyun is his role model.

He once met Baekhyun at a music show and the two took a picture together!

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Talk about fanboy goals!


He’s part of the K-pop unit “Jaehyunz” together with the other Jaehyuns in the industry:  N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun, NCT’s Jeong Jaehyun, and THE BOYZ’ Lee Jaehyun (Hyunjae).

They performed EXO’s “Call Me Baby” and 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name” at KBS Gayo.

A sweet sweet angel!

Bongjae is a very good person, a sweet guy, and really soft-spoken.

Whenever he does his “boyfriend-like” VLIVEs, Goldenness can’t help but swoon over him.

Also, his Pocketdols and Twitter updates that he shares with Goldenness are really really sweet. This shows that he cares for Goldenness and that he wants to connect with them.

Jaehyun is loved by Golden Child and Goldenness and he won’t feel lonely any single day.

Happy birthday to our dear Bongvely, our Bong, Goldenness’ Jaehyun! Thank you for becoming an idol because you made so many people happy! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us! You are loved by everyone and we wish nothing but happiness for you!

Continue being a happy pill and an inspiration to everyone! We love you so much!

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