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Let’s get to know more about the new rising idol: Kep1er’s Kim Dayeon!

Kep1er is a new rising girl group right now, and Kim Dayeon’s popularity is growing along. Here’s everything you need to know about Kim Dayeon if you haven’t been keeping up with her!

Image Source: Kep1er’s Official Twitter (@official_kep1er)

Early Career

Kim Dayeon was born in South Korea on March 2, 2003. She was raised by her parents, who own and operate a sushi business in Seoul. She, who has been blessed with attractive visuals since childhood, began her career in the industry at a young age.

Dayeon first debuted in the KBS2 ‘Famous Princesses’ when she was three years old. Dayeon went on to perform more roles in Kdrama and movies like ‘My Wife Got Married,’ despite previously telling a fan that she had no plans to become an actress as a child.

Image Source: KBS2

In her childhood, Kim Dayeon’s beautiful beauty garnered her many CF and modeling contracts for a range of businesses.

Produce 48

Dayeon entered the Produce 48 lineup at the age of 15 after eight months of training under CNC Entertainment.

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Image Source: Mnet

She got off to a terrific start on the show at first, earning a B in the initial judges’ evaluations. Her cheerful personality, as well as her improving dancing and singing ability, drew in a large number of people.

Despite her talent, Dayeon’s ranking dropped during the course of the competition. In episode one, she was ranked 60th, but by episode three, she had dropped to 70th place.

New Home

Dayeon joined Stardium Entertainment in December 2018. She stayed there for another two years of training. However, it appears that the organization had no intentions to debut a group anytime soon, which could explain why Kim Dayeon decided to switch agencies again.

She found a new home at Jellyfish Entertainment, the home of VIXX and VERIVERY, in late 2020 or early 2021. And it was already been confirmed that she’s one of the candidates on Girls Planet 999 last July 2021.

Image Source: Mnet

Girls Planet 999

Kim Dayeon began receiving the accolades she earned for her skills and stage presence from the very beginning of Girls Planet 999. In fact, in the preliminary Signal Song Evaluation, the judges ranked her first out of all 33 K-Group contestants.

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She was announced to have placed fourth overall during the show’s finale, making her a member of Kep1er.

Image Source: Kep1er’s Official Twitter (@official_kep1er)

Debut with Kep1er

She debuted in the group on January 3, 2022, with the release of their first mini-album, ‘First Impact’ with the title track of ‘WA DA DA.’


Dayeon graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul’s practical dance department last February 10, 2022.

Image Source: Kep1er’s Official Twitter (@official_kep1er)

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