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The kindest person to ever exist: Golden Child’s Kim Jibeom

People can be so many things, but being nice and kind says a lot about a person. And being commended about it means people admire your kindness.

With the title of this article feature, I’m sure you already have an idea of what this is all about.

I’m here to talk with you about the kindest member of Golden Child, Kim Jibeom.

It is not a secret between Golden Child and Goldenness, but everyone agrees that Jibeom is the nicest and kindest person to ever exist.

So, on his special day, let’s celebrate the amazing man that he is and why he is considered the nicest and kindest member of Golden Child!

About Kim Jibeom

He was born on February 3, 1999, in Busan, South Korea.

He started as a trainee at Woollim Entertainment in 2015 and eventually, debuted as a member of the hit K-pop boy group, Golden Child.

With his amazing voice and handsome face, Jibeom is not someone you would miss.

He was dubbed as the “Full Moon Prince” when he appeared on King Of The Masked Singer. Everyone is captivated by his amazing voice and dreamy visuals.

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Kim Jibeom is a man of many things: talented, funny, intelligent, handsome, and has a pure heart.

Without further ado, let’s take a look and see why Jibeom is considered the kindest member in Golden Child.

“Nobody is as kind as Jibeom”

Since these boys have been together for more than 5 years already, they sure know each other very well.

And when the members say that Jibeom is the kindest one, you know it’s the truth.

Joochan even said that Jibeom isn’t the type to take revenge on someone. He’s really that nice.

He is calm even if you tease him a lot

Since he’s nice like that, members love to tease him.

But Jibeom is a very good sport, he doesn’t get mad and just laughed at the members’ teasing.

He made sure no one is left out

Jibeom will always make you feel like you’re a part of something even though you’re not there physically.

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During ISAC, he wrote a note on the food they were giving out to the fans and it said: “snacks prepared by 3355”.

3355 is the duo of Jibeom and Joochan, and when Joochan was on hiatus, Jibeom remembered Joochan and made sure the fans will still remember him even during the hiatus. Of course, this felt like Joochan was there at that particular moment.

And another 3355 moment is when Joochan came back after the hiatus and Jibeom was cheering for him.

He is reliable

Aka very huggable.

We always see the members wrapping their arms around Jibeom and Jibeom would always hug them back.

Jibeom is that kind of person who would wrap you in his arms just so you will feel safe. When you’re sad, he will hug you. He is that sweet and the members know that he won’t say no to a hug.

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Jibeom being so reliable also showed on one of their appearances wherein they were playing a game and Jibeom was there behind the members, ready to save them from falling.

He is very considerate

Remember when Jibeom said he won’t sleep if Bomin won’t sleep first? Jibeom is one precious brother that would take care of his brothers.

This was shown a lot of times already but whenever we see them eating, even if Jibeom wants the food but he saw the others want it too, he would gladly give it to them.

He’s very considerate and always thinks about the people around him.

Golden Child and Goldenness aren’t the only witnesses to Jibeom’s kindness but even back in his pre-debut days, his friends and acquaintances would testify that Jibeom is in fact kind and giving to other people. Woollim staff would also say the same thing about him!

There are a hundred reasons why Jibeom is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. But his actions are enough to show you that he’s indeed that.

Our Busan boy, our TIGER JIBEOM, our Full Moon Prince, happy happy birthday to you! We wish you all the best and success in life. Goldenness is here to support you all the time. We wish you happiness!

How about you? What was the nicest thing that Jibeom did that you loved? Share it with us in the comments below!

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All images are courtesy of Golden Child and Woollim Entertainment

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