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5 K-Beauty YouTube Channels That Are Worth Subscribing

Philippines is one of the countries that has a large amount of Hallyu fans in Southeast Asia. Aside from K-Pop and K-drama, Pinoy fans are into K-beauty nowadays. We’re curious how our favorite K-Pop and K-drama stars take good care of their skin. Lots of Korean beauty stores are opening their branches here in Manila. Ofcourse, before we buy a certain product, we want to check the quality of the product itself. Thanks to the advance technology because we can do our product checking without going to the actual store. All we have to do is to click and watch some reviews on YouTube.

Here are the K-Beauty YouTube Channels that you should follow and subscribe:

Korean Make-up Artist Pony is one of the well-known K-Beauty vlogger in YouTube. What i like about her is the way she explains the products that she is using on her make-up tutorials videos and reviews. And don’t forget her make up transformation videos too. (I personally like her Taylor Swift transformation. Ang galing bes!)

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If you want to look like your favorite korean celebrities like IU, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Blackpink’s Jennie and more, Risa’s Youtube channel is definitely for you. Most of her contents are make up transformations.

Jen Kim is a South Korean-Australian K-Beauty Vlogger and TV Reporter. Her contents are mostly about korean and non-korean product reviews. And the good thing about her channel is you don’t need a subtitle because she speaks fluent english with Australian accent.

Daddoa is one of a kind k-beauty vlogger. With her awesome make up skills, we can learn alot by watching her step-by-step make up tutorials.

If you are a Hallyu fan, you must be familiar with this channel. Dingo K-Beauty is one of the sub-channels of Dingo. The difference of Dingo K-Beauty’s content to other channels is they upload some mini-dramas that tackles about K-beauty and stuff, they also have some videos of product recommendation from the korean celebrities themselves and the famous ‘Pouch For You’ segment which a lucky fan will get a surprise makeover from her favorite star/s.

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I hope this will help you achieve the Korean Look that you’ve always wanted.

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