ICYMI: SB19’s Pablo dropped his mind-blowing solo debut single “La Luna”!

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Our dearest Pinuno successfully made his solo debut!

On January 28, Pablo released his solo debut single “La Luna” which was composed and produced by himself.

It is an inspirational song for those who are battling their inner demons.

“That was a nice proposal, but I’m tryna avoid trouble

I’ll admit keeping myself to myself, isn’t ideal?

Should I really go out there?

And be healthy though it’s clear

That the whole world is unfair”

It is about being free as well from the bars that hinder us to express ourselves.

“Siguro nga panahon na para ako’y magising

Harapin at yakapin tunay na magiging

Alamin ang mga bagay na makakaya kong gawin

Kapag ang takot at kinakatakutan ko’y ako rin”

Goosebumps, it’s another masterpiece from Pablo! Everything about this song is on point!

As of writing, the music video already garnered 182K views and 44K likes.

Congratulations Pablo! We are so proud of you! You never fail to impress us with your extraordinary talent.

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Watch the official MV here:

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