Get to know the “Beast-like Idol,” Lee Jun Ho!

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Can’t get enough of Lee Jun Ho’s irresistible charm in his recently ended historical drama, The Red Sleeve?

He pulled off his role as the crown prince Yi San and showed off his versatility in acting, no wonder many hearts were captured and got immersed with his character in the drama.

Come on and let’s get to know him more!

He is an Aquarius

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He was born on January 25, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea.

A 2nd Gen Idol

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He is one of the members of the South Korean boy group, 2PM who debuted in 2008 with a beast-like image under the label of JYP Entertainment. Junho holds the position of being the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group. Last year they made a comeback with their 7th studio album, Must. It is their first comeback since all the members completed their mandatory military service.

Has an Older Sister

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Junho has a sister who is four years older than him. His sister has a son named Woo Jin and he is precious to Junho.

He Got Independent Early

He started living in a dorm as a trainee when he was 17 so, he got independent early.

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Superstar Survival

Lee Jun Ho won in a 2006 competition show called Superstar Survival and signed a contract with JYP Entertainment after winning first place among 6000 competitors. His other 2PM members, Chansung and Taecyeon were there as well.

A Cat Lover

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He has four adorable cats namely, Johnny, Weol, Cookie, and Bok.

Here’s a short touching story about his cat named Bok: Jun Ho met Bok in front of his house, Bok couldn’t open its eyes because it’s bleeding, he took Bok to the hospital to save its life. When Bok is slowly recovering in the hospital, he brought the clothes that he wore on the first day they met and sprayed his cologne to give it to Bok with some toys every week. Aw! Junho is so sweet.


He is left-handed.

Fun Fact: Junho practiced a lot in using chopsticks with his right hand, it is for his recently ended historical drama, The Red Sleeve.

Can pass Rain’s Twin brother

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He has a great resemblance with the singer and actor Rain.

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He is close with GOT7’s Jinyoung

Junho said in I Live Alone that GOT7’s Jinyoung is his Junior singer whom he adores. He said that Jinyoung has been really good to him and he is grateful to him. Moreover, they have so much in common and they counsel each other on their concerns as well.

Solo Debut

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Lee Jun Ho debuted as a soloist in 2013 in Japan with his album Kimi no Koe. He has released a total of 7 mini albums in Japanese. In 2015, he had his Korean solo debut with his special compilation album called One followed by his second special compilation album called Two. His first mini-album in Korean was released in 2017 and it is called Canvas with 7 tracks.

An Idol-turned-actor

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Lee Jun Ho officially debuted as an actor in the film Cold Eyes in 2013. Prior to that, he had his special appearance in the 2011 South Korean horror film White: The Melody of the Curse.

Here is the list of films and dramas he starred in:

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  • White: Melody of the Curse (cameo)
  • Cold Eyes
  • The Terror Live (narration)
  • Memories of the Sword
  • Twenty
  • Rose and Tulip
  • Homme Fatale


  • Memory
  • Uncontrollably Fond (cameo)
  • Good Manager
  • Rain or Shine
  • Wok of Love
  • Confession
  • The Red Sleeve

Mandatory Service

Lee Jun Ho enlisted in the military as a public service worker on May 30, 2019 and was discharged on May 20, 2021.

“The Red Sleeve” is his first role after his military discharge

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His 2021 drama, The Red Sleeve was his first drama after he completed his duty in the military which was premiered last November 12, 2021.

Instagram and Twitter

He has his official Instagram and Twitter accounts. Follow him bes!

A Vlogger

If you want to stay updated with Lee Jun Ho, subscribe to his YouTube channel. He uploaded some of the behind-the-scenes of his drama, The Red Sleeve as well.

Let’s keep on supporting Lee Jun Ho, he is such a talented person. Manifesting another drama for him soon!

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