AO EXCLUSIVE: Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona talk about their roles and their chemistry in the upcoming rom-com series, “King The Land”

Another rom-com series is coming to our small screens to give us butterflies and make us grin from ear to ear.

King the Land is a classic rom-com series that depicts a comical love story of Gu Won, a chaebol heir who detests fake smiles, and a bubbly hotelier Cheon Sa Rang.

Ahead of the premiere of this much-awaited drama, a press conference was held on June 15. Director Im Hyun Wook alongside the two main leads, Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona were present at the said event assuring that the viewers will not only have fun but also can get to relate with the characters in the story.

According to Director Im Hyun Wook, the drama was formed on high-quality content, and he tried to pursue perfectionism so they can meet the expectations and entertain the audience.

Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona’s Character Transition

Lee Jun Ho as Gu Won

Lee Jun Ho plays the role of Gu Won, a chaebol heir who is born with elegance, stone-cold charisma, a razor-sharp mind, and a chic vibe.

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Junho’s recent work, The Red Sleeve is deep and has a lot of emotional turmoil. He said that he wanted to do something more fun, easygoing, and heartwarming this time.

According to him, this character is very challenging as it’s the opposite of his personality in real life who laughs and smiles a lot.

Im Yoona as Cheon Sarang

Girl’s Generation’s Yoona portrays the bubbly hotelier named Cheon Sarang.

Yoona said that her past works are deep and heavy, so she wanted to try a role that is more cheerful, fun, and exciting. Since she recently starred in Big Mouth, she wanted to go with something bubblier this time and she thinks that people love seeing her in a bubbly role, so she chose this show.

The Overflowing Chemistry of the Main Leads

Im Yoona and Lee Jun Ho’s on-screen chemistry is something we should look forward to.

When asked about their chemistry, Lee Jun Ho took the floor and said that they talked a lot about how they are going to develop the scenes and characters. A lot of communication happened, and it helped a lot to create the perfect chemistry including with the director as well.

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“I think, the eyes are really important when you are acting and of course, Junho has a great deep voice and I think his voice can be very powerful and I felt that this time so I could rely on him, and helped me a lot” Yoona added.

Jun Ho and Yoona complimented each other and said that they are a perfect fit for their respective roles – Yoona as Cheon Sarang and Junho as Gu Won.

How Viewers Can Relate to the Drama

Lee Jun Ho assured viewers that there are a lot of things that you can relate to in this drama, including the relationship between the characters in the drama, and the emotions they convey especially in the aspect of Love.

Additionally, Yoona shared that keeping a great smile was something she can relate to through her role.

Message to the Viewers

Director Im Hyun Wook hopes that the viewers will give the series a lot of love and support because they put a lot of effort and time to produce a good quality drama.

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Junho mentioned that they are done filming so he will watch it as a viewer and a fan himself and that he is also very nervous.

“We had so much fun shooting it so I hope the viewers and the fans can also have a lot fun watching it. it’s going to be a feel-good type of drama and I hope you stayed tuned until the finale.” Yoona’s closing remarks.

Catch Gu Won and Sarang on June 17 only on Netflix!

Watch the trailer here:

All photos are courtesy of Netflix

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