7 Reasons why you should start watching ‘The Red Sleeve’

The year 2021 has given us amazing K-dramas and one of them is MBC’s The Red Sleeve. Starring Lee Se Young, Lee Jun Ho, and Kang Hoon, it tells the story of an imperial romance between a court lady and a Crown Prince. Have you watched it already?

Bes, forget all the spoilers! Here are seven reasons why you should start watching The Red Sleeve!

1. The Plot

Based on a novel of the same name, The Red Sleeve depicts the love story between a court lady (Lee Se Young) who wants to protect the life she has chosen, and a Crown Prince (Lee Jun Ho) who wants to put his country first before his love.

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A bittersweet romance awaits you with the story of Crown Prince Yi San (who later becomes King Jeongjo) and how he fell in love with his Royal court maid, Lady Seong Deok Im.

2. Versatile actress Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young has proven herself many times as one of the best actresses of her generation. She began acting at a very young age and we literally witnessed her grow up from a child actress to a fine leading lady. Of course, who would forget her iconic role as the cutie zombie in Hwayugi?

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3. Brilliant idol-turned-actor Lee Jun Ho

Who would have thought that the ‘beast idol’ from 2PM, who makes concert grounds rock with his strong vocals and sexy dance moves, will also captivate our hearts wearing his Hanbok and Royal robe?

Lee Jun Ho played his role effectively. His acting is on a different level! He also did a great job bringing his character to life.

4. Empowered woman Seong Deok Im

This list will not be completed if we’re not going to talk about Lee Se Young’s character, Lady Seong Deok Im.

She’s smart, strong-willed, and able. Her rejecting the Crown Prince does NOT make her pabebe, pakipot, or trying hard to get. She’s a woman who knows her worth and loves herself. When Lady Seong said, ‘His Highness is dear, but myself is dearer’, I felt that.

5. Beautiful Soundtracks

A bittersweet love story with romantic soundtracks sung by soulful voices, it’s all we need, bes.

The songs were so beautiful which make it even harder to move on from the drama.

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6. The Chemistry!

From the drama itself, up to their behind-the-scenes, uri SanDeok couple screams chemistry! The lovely gazes, sweet gestures, the hand grabs, and physical contacts. Ah, seriously, they deserved the Best Couple Award from MBC.

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7. Most Buzzworthy + High Viewership Ratings

The series started off with a single-digit rating, which became double on its seventh episode. The final episodes achieved the highest viewership ratings of 17 percent and 17.4 percent.

‘The Red Sleeve’ also became the most searched K-drama, and the main stars, Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young topped the most buzzworthy drama actors for several weeks until the final week.

Not only that, they also manage to bag eight awards at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards! #Deserved!

So, bes, drop all your worries and fall in love with The Red Sleeve!

Watch it now on Viu.

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