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Recollecting 11 unforgettable romantic and comical scenes in “The Red Sleeve”

Disclaimer: This article contains spoiler scenes from the drama so read at your own risk.

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Sadly, the highest-rated romantic Sageuk drama of 2021, The Red Sleeve starring Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young has come to an end.

The Red Sleeve is based on a novel with the same name that depicts the imperial court romance between a royal court maid named Sung Deok Im who wanted to live a life she chose and a crown prince named Yi San who puts the nation before love. He eventually becomes King Jeongjo.

Moreover, Let’s recollect some of those heart-fluttering and comical moments of Duk Im and Yi San.

1. Deok Im’s “shortcut” to the Crown Prince

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This scene was when Deok Im accidentally tripped over a piece of branch tree while running then suddenly fell into the arms of the crown prince. The funny thing was, they both fell into the water and got soaked. As a punishment, Deok Im was ordered to write a letter of apology, which was repeatedly rejected by the crown prince.

2. Yi San pushed Deok Im to prevent her from falling

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I thought Yi San will grab Deok Im’s waist to prevent her from falling, but it’s not! Yi San pushed Deok Im towards the bookshelf instead (at least Deok Im is safe and did not fall on the floor haha). Deok Im doesn’t know if she should thank him for doing that or not.

3. Deok Im did not recognize the Crown Prince

(Screenshot via Viu)

Deok Im thought that Yi San is one of the lecturers that assist the crown prince, as a response, Yi San introduced himself as Hong Deok Ro, the crown prince’s teacher. Deok Im said that he is lying because she heard that the crown prince’s teacher is very good-looking (Yi San’s reaction tho). As Yi San departed from the library, Deok Im scattered salt to Yi San not knowing that she messed with the crown prince, the owner of that library. It was so hilarious, please!

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4. Yi San said that his time spent with Deok Im in the library was special

(Screenshot via Viu)

Yi San made his low-key confession to Deok Im and said, “At first, it was annoying to correct your misunderstanding. After some time, I didn’t want to tell the truth because the time I spent with you in the library was special. While I was with you in the library, I thought you were being swayed by me. But I’m not sure now, was I correct? Were you swayed by me? Or was I swayed by you?” kilig!

5. The crown prince thought that Deok Im became His Majesty’s concubine

(Screenshot via Viu)

This scene is so iconic and one of the funniest! This was when Yi San thought that Deok Im became his Majesty’s concubine but it turned out that the young maid trainees including Deok Im are practicing in their formal attire since they are having their coming-of-age ceremony. (overthink yern jeonha?)

6. The Bathtub Scene

(Screenshot via Viu)

Okay, but I screamed at this scene mga bes! it’s another falling accident again but this time, Yi San made sure that Deok Im is okay while holding Deok Im’s waist. The way they gazed at each other’s eyes surely made our hearts flutter.

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7. Deok Im’s act of protecting the Crown Prince

(Screenshot via Viu)

The way the crown prince let Deok Im rest on his arms after she protected him using a signal kite to warn him from the attack of the assassins. This scene became so meaningful because of what Yi San said to Deok Im while she is sleeping, “When I saw the signal kite, I knew it would be you, it had to be you. When I thought I could die, I was reminded of someone. I desperately prayed to see her face at least one more time. It was you, Deok Im.

8. The Forehead Kiss

(Screenshot via Viu)

Yi San gave Deok Im a forehead kiss and reminded her to take care of herself while he is gone for a while. So sweet of him!

9. Deok Im and Yi San’s First Kiss

(Screenshot via Viu)

“I loved you. I asked you to be my family. you were the only person to hear that. The only woman I ever loved since I was born in you.” these were the words from Yi San before he kissed Deok Im.

10. Deok Im and Yi San Embraced Each Other

(Screenshot via Viu)

After a year of being apart from each other, Yi San and Deok Im met! Yi San thanked Deok Im for saving his life repeatedly and when he is about to leave, Deok Im pulled the sleeve of his robe to stop him from leaving. He hugged Deok Im tightly and said that he missed her. So romantic!

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11. Deok Im Finally Agreed to Become Yi San’s Concubine

(Screenshot via Viu)

Yi San loves Deok Im so much, so he wanted to make a family with Deok Im and waited patiently. He was rejected many times by Deok Im but his love never changed. He also wants to protect Deok Im by staying on his side as his woman whom he loves the most. In this scene, Deok Im finally agreed to become Yi San’s concubine. What Yi San said at this scene touched my heart, “I love you. It is okay if you do not love me back. I do not care what feelings you have for me whether it is loyalty or love. If you just stay by my side.” His love for Deok Im is so real and unconditional. The same goes with Deok Im who loves Yi San dearly.

Mga bes! If you haven’t watched this drama yet, this is the best time to start it now, it’s really worth your time, it is one of the best! The overflowing chemistry of Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young is just so perfect! Deok Im and Yi San jjang! Kudos to the whole team of The Red Sleeve, this is such a masterpiece!

The Red Sleeve is now available on Viu!

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