These 9+ Korean stars are discharging from their enlistment this 2022!

Finally, the long wait is over to these oppas! We have 9 Korean stars to welcome back as they fulfill their mandatory enlistment this 2022!

Are you ready to greet them mga bes? Here are some of the Korean male celebrities who are set to be discharged this year.

Woo Do Hwan (January 5)

After gaining momentum from The King: Eternal Monarch, actor Woo Do Hwan enlisted last July 2020. The actor is already on his final leave. His official discharge date is January 5, 2022.

VIXX’s Ken (January 5)

Starlights is bound to welcome Ken back! VIXX’s main vocalist joined the army in June 2020. He announced his departure through his fan cafe. Now, he will reunite with his co-members and fans again this January 5, 2022.

WINNER’s Hoony (January 15)

Inner Circles will welcome another WINNER member, HOONY! Lee Seung Hoon is bound to finish his enlistment by January 15. Meanwhile, co-member Jinu recently finished his service last December 31, 2021.

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EXO’S Suho (February 13)

EXO-L’s will surely be thrilled to welcome their leader back! EXO’s leader, Suho, enlisted last May 2020. His discharge date will be on February 13. A perfect treat to his fans to virtually celebrate Valentine’s day with him!

Zico (April 29)

After releasing his hit song, Any Song, Zico surprised the public by announcing his military enlistment. The rapper enlisted on July 30, 2020. His final day of service will be on April 29. 

Park Bo Gum (April 30)

Of course, K-drama fans have waited for Park Bo Gum! Bogum enlisted in the Korean navy and proudly shared that he got accepted to the military’s band. Due to Korea’s safety measures with COVID-19, Bogum is currently on his final leave and was advised not to return on his base. He is practically discharged from his service as of February 21.

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His official discharge date is on April 30. For sure, fans can’t wait to greet him on their small and big screens!

EXO’s Chen (April)

EXO’s Chen is also set to be discharged from the army sometime this April. Before his enlistment, Chen got married to his non-celebrity girlfriend. The couple welcomed their first child last April 29, 2020. Afterward, Chen enlisted on October 26, 2020. At present, the couple is currently expecting their second child.

INFINITE’s Kim Myung Soo or L (August 21)

Actor-Idol Kim Myung Soo of Infinite also joins the list of celebrities who’ll be discharging from the army this year. Myung Soo joined the Marine Corps last February 2021. His discharge date will be on August 21.

EXO’s Chanyeol (September 29* tentative)

Apart from Suho and Chen, Chanyeol is the third member from EXO to be discharged this year! Chanyeol enlisted on March 29, 2021. Despite enlisting last year, Chanyeol is one of the many active-duty soldiers who shortened their serving time to 18 months. Thus, he will finish his service by September 29.

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SHINee’s Taemin (November 30)

Taemin is the last member of SHINee to enlist in the army. He enlisted in the army on May 31, 2021. After his four weeks of basic military training, Taemin joined the military band. Also, he revealed in an interview that his discharge date will be on November 30, 2022.

We can’t wait to greet you soon, oppas! For the meantime, continue serving your nation and we’ll see you soon!

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