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Jang Na Ra is a charming and multitalented actress who debuted in a 2000 MBC sitcom New Nonstop, aside from being a great actress, Jang Na Ra has a sweet and captivating calming voice; actually, she was once a trainee under the management of SM Entertainment and became a successful singer in 2001, Sweet Dream is one of her hit songs.

As a versatile actress, Jang Na Ra already starred in various hit dramas but let me give you 7 of those you definitely shouldn’t miss!

1. Fated To Love You (2014)

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The drama depicts a comical love story of Lee Gun, a successor of a large company, and Kim Mi Young, an average-looking secretary in a law firm, it all started when one night, their path crosses and ends up sleeping with each other. afterwards, Kim Mi Young finds out that she is pregnant.

This is my all-time favorite drama of Jang Na Ra unnie. Aside from the catchy storyline, you’ll gonna love the chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra. They were both starred in the rom-com drama series Successful Story of a Bright Girl in 2002 and took that long to reunite again in one drama together.

This is a kind of drama that I can watch over and over again without skipping any scenes, I’ll never get tired of it. The Soundtracks of this drama are really good as well. This drama will make your heart flutter, laugh and cry as well.

2. Hello Monster (2015)

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Hello Monster is a 2015 mystery thriller drama that depicts a story of an intelligent criminal psychologist named Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) who tries to solve murder cases that seem to be linked to his long-lost brother named Jung Sun Ho (Park Bo Gum).

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A must watch mystery thriller drama! it has a very interesting and mind-blowing plot and the actors impressively did a great job portraying their roles. Jang Nara played the role of a fearless police inspector named Cha Ji An. The chemistry of Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk is so kilig here!

3. Go Back Couple (2017)

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A healing drama that depicts the story of struggles and difficulties of Choi Ban Do and Ma Jin Joo as a married couple. They suddenly get tired with their situation in life. One day, they wake up and find themselves being a teenager and being a university student again.

Go Back Couple is my second favorite drama of Jang Na Ra unnie. She really nailed it when she plays this kind of roles- as a mother and as a wife. From the storyline to cast, everything is just so perfect. the chemistry of Son Ho Jun and Jang Na Ra, the Second Male lead, Jang Ki Young, the lovable squad and most of all the life lessons and heartwarming message of the drama is absolutely superb!

4. The Last Empress (2018)

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A thriller rom-com drama that depicts the story of an aspiring musical actress named, Oh Sunny who becomes the empress of a modern-day monarch. She eventually gets entangled with the corruption and the dark secrets of the imperial family.

I must tell that The Last Empress is one of the best drama that definitely you shouldn’t miss, All cast members did a great job in portraying their respective roles. you’ll surely love the mix of Thriller, Mystery, Romance and Comedy of this drama. This drama got extended due to its popularity and high ratings, believe me its really worth to watch as it shows different reality aspects of life such as love, power, revenge and corruption.

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5. VIP (2019)

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VIP depicts a story of infidelity of a man named Park Seong Joon to his wife Na Jeong Seon. Na Jeong Seon begins to suspect her husband when she receives a text message that her husband is having an affair to their colleagues, she tries to unfold the truth.

I commend the acting skill of Jang Na Ra here; indeed, she is really a versatile actress. she did a great job portraying the role of Na Jeong Seon who showed how she became strong and confident woman despite of the unfaithfulness of her husband. This drama is very realistic as it shows how your bad action/decisions in life causes destruction to you and other people’s lives and shows the importance of good communication to avoid misunderstandings. Moreover, Jang Na Ra and Lee Sang Yoon’s chemistry as well is really good here.

6. Oh My Baby (2020)

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A meaningful drama that depicts the story of a single 39-year-old woman named Jang Ha Ri who wants to have her baby, she then gets involve with three men.

This drama is indeed meaningful, and has a touching story. This is highly recommended for those who wants to be a mother facing a condition called Endometriosis and those who are at the crossroads of their romantic life. The drama gives hope to those who are facing infertility and wants to have their own family. Aside from the comforting storyline, the chemistry and comical roles of Jang Na Ra with the three actors (Ko Jun, Park Byung Eun and Jung Gun Joo) in the story is also the best!

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7. Sell Your Haunted House (2021)

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A comical fantasy drama about Hong Ji Ah, an exorcist, the owner of Daebak Realty who gets rid the vengeful spirits in every haunted real estate properties in order to sell them and Oh In Beom, a con-artist. He eventually turned into being Hong Ji Ah’s psychic. They work together to unfold the secret about Ji Ah’s mother who died 20 years ago.

You’ll see a different side of Jang Na Ra here! She played the role of Hong Ji Ah, a brave and strong exorcist in the drama. you’ll definitely say, “wow!” to her action scenes here while catching unrested spirits. The cinematography, the cast, the mind blowing plot and the thrilling scenes in this drama are all superb! plus yung bonggang cameos of different actors and actresses pa!. Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Na Ra together in one drama looks really good!

Which dramas of Jang Na Ra is your favorite? Would you mind to share them in the comments mga bes?

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