5 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss “Sell Your Haunted House” starring Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa

Are you looking for an ongoing fantasy drama that is really worth watching and will gonna make you look forward for every episodes? Then Sell Your Haunted House is for you bes!

Let me give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this drama.

1. Interesting Storyline

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A comical fantasy drama about Hong Ji Ah, an exorcist, the owner of Daebak Realty who gets rid the vengeful spirits in every haunted real estate properties in order to sell them and Oh In Beom who is con-artist, He eventually turned into being Hong Ji Ah’s psychic. They work together to unfold the secret about Ji Ah’s mother who died 20 years ago.

It has an interesting storyline which will make you look forward for the next episode. The main characters connection in their past is really interesting as well.

2. Jang Na Ra is the lead actress

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Yes! The versatile actress Jang Na Ra is back to impress us again with her acting skill. Jang Nara’s character here is different from the innocent and sweet girl roles she’d portrayed in her previous dramas.

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The cold yet strong look in her eyes as Hong Ji Ah is really bewitching and she, doing an action scenes is really applaudable.

3. Jung Yong Hwa is the lead actor

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Aside from making our heart flutter with his charismatic voice as one of the vocalists of korean group, CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa will make us fall in love with his visual and great acting skill playing the role of Oh In Beom in the story.

You will see how versatile he is; especially when he is being possess by the unrested spirits. You’ll know what i mean when you watch this drama.

4. Chemistry of Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa

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Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa’s chemistry will really make you smile and make your heart flutter. They look good together especially when they are catching unrested spirits.

Witness how their feelings grow to each other while being an exorcist and a psychic and while unfolding secrets behind the death of Hong Ji Ah’s mother.

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Moreover, let’s look forward for more heart fluttering moments between In Beom and Ji Ah and their thrilling moments whenever they are catching spirits. You’ll love their comical love-hate relationship in the story.

5. Lessons in Life

There’s so much life lessons you’ll learn from watching this kind of drama since the drama is related to the spirits having different stories and difficulties prior to their deaths.

One thing is for sure, you’ll realize that life is really short and time is really precious.

Watch it now bes! You’ll surely love this drama.

Meanwhile, you can watch KBS2’s Sell your Haunted House every Wednesday and Thursday, 9:30 PM, KST available on Viu.

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