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Jang Nara is getting married to non-celebrity boyfriend!

South Korean actress Jang Nara announced on June 3 via her Instagram account that she is getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend.

In her letter, she personally shared to her fans that after two years of dating a friend six years her junior, they promised to be lifetime partners.

Read her full letter below:

Hello! I’m Jang Nara.
I’d like to share some personal but good news with you today.
I’m getting married!^^

After two years of dating with a friend who is 6 years younger than me who is in video work, we promised to be life partners! I fell in love with his pretty smile, sincere and good heart, and above all, his sincere attitude to do his job. I wanted to tell you honestly how happy I am to spend my life with a wonderful friend!

I will live happily and happily!^^
It feels like yesterday when I debuted as a celebrity, but it’s been a long time. Thank you so much for supporting me and supporting us for a long time, and always looking after me with beautiful eyes.

We’re going to come back with a fun work right after the wedding, so we’re working hard on it! I will be an actor who does her best at every moment with a heavier gratitude than before.

I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail because I’m worried that my friend, a non-celebrity, might be uncomfortable at work. I sincerely ask for your kind understanding.
Thank you as always!^^

From Jang Nara on June, 2022.

Some celebrities such as Lee Yi Kyung and Shin Sung Rok commented on her post and congratulated her.

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Jang Nara starred in numerous well-known dramas in various genres such as Go Back Couple, Sell Your Haunted House, and Oh My Baby among others.

Congratulations, Jang Nara! We wish you all the best with your groom~

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