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5 Reasons Why We Should All Watch ‘On Your Wedding Day’

Most of the Filipino fans are fond of watching Romantic films. It’s seems like this type of movies are definitely on our must-watch list.

On september 19, a one of a kind Korean romantic film entitled On Your Wedding Day is about to hit the Philippine cinema. The film stars two of South Korea’s prominent actors Kim Young-kwang and Park Bo-young.

To give you some highlights about the film,(Don’t worry bes, spoiler-free to… haha!)

We will give you some reasons why we should watch this kilig movie of the year.

1. The Lead Stars

Who wouldn’t love to see Park Bo-young and Kim Young-kwang again on big screen? We last saw them on Hot Young Blood last 2014 alongside Lee Jong-suk and Lee Se-young.

2. This Movie Will Take You Back To Your Highschool Days

For us, Highschool days are truly unforgettable. During those times, we only have to worry about our lessons for tomorrow, projects, assignments and how much will be our allowance for today. (Hayahay! HAHA!)

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3. Our Pambansang Samcheon (Kang Ki-young) Is One Of The Cast

Yes, you read it right! Certified K-drama fans believe that every drama (or movie) that he’s in, will surely become a blockbuster hit.

4. The OST ♡

Aside from being the female lead, Park Bo-young lends her beautiful voice as she sings the official soundtrack of her own movie. It is entitled Listen To Me.

5. The Memorable Hugot Lines

A Romantic movie will never be the same without the tagos sa pusong lines. If you thought that only western and filipino movies can pull a very effective hugot lines, you’re definitely wrong. This Korean Movie prepares a lot of touching and heartbreaking lines that will melt your heart.

Are you all excited mga bes? We all are!

Once again, On Your Wedding Day hits the Philippine Cinema Nationwide on September 19, 2018. Be sure to prepare all your feels, mga bes!

For sure, Mapapa #HappyForYouBes ka talaga!

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