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NACIFIC welcomes Stray Kids as their new brand model!

Stray Kids, JYP’s first-ever million-seller and Billboard’s No.1 chart-topper with “OH”, “Noeasy”, and “Thunderous” announced as the newest face of Naturalist cosmetic brand NACIFIC. Also, their new advertising campaign of the brand will feature the group.

Stray Kids for Nacific
Photo from NACIFIC

The brand’s tagline is “The Beginning of Natural Beauty.”

NACIFIC is a naturalist cosmetic company that is extending its global presence by offering new products. Specifically, the Fresh Herb Origin Line, Phyto Niacin Whitening Line, and Real Floral Line helped the brand gain popularity. These are among the brand’s best-selling items, as well as fan favorites.

Furthermore, fans all over the globe adore and leave positive reviews for Fresh Herb Origin Serum, which combines Sepicalm and Pore-Complex3 to help reduce pores and enhance skin texture. It is an All-in-One Pore care solution. In addition, NACIFIC’s ‘curse serum’ has sold over one million bottles globally, with two bottles sold per minute.

Photo from NACIFIC

“Stray Kids’ healthy and bright energy fits well with the brand concept of NACIFIC, which pursues natural beauty. It‘s expected to have a positive synergy effect in establishing its position as a K-beauty brand along with Stray Kids, who is leading the industry. Together we can reach out to our customers globally and promote healthy, natural products that are reasonable and effective.” Jenny de Leon, a representative of NACIFIC Philippines shared.

On September 7th, NACIFIC organized an event to offer Stray kids’ photocards by purchasing NACIFIC goods offered at NACIFIC Official shops. Check out NACIFIC’s official store on Shopee and Lazada e-commerce platforms.

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