Choi Bomin is the youngest member of South Korea’s boy band Golden Child which debuted last August 28, 2017.

Image Source: Golden Child’s Official Twitter (@Hi_Goldenness)

Aside from his lovely and cute image, he has a cool image that makes many fans fall for him. Because of this, some fans claim that he looks like a perfect boyfriend material!

Without further ado, let’s see how Bomin becomes a maknae on top!

  1. Actor Bomin

Bomin made his acting debut in the 2nd season of web drama A-TEEN, playing the role of Ryu Jooha along with Lee Naeun of April, Shin Yeeun, Shin Seungho, and others.

A-TEEN aired on Naver TV Cast from April to June 2019.

Image Source: Playlist Official Instagram (@playlist_studio)

His first role in a TV drama series was in the romantic comedy Melting Me Softly starring Ji Chang Wook.

He was also casted in the JTBC fantasy drama, 18 Again. And he is now playing the role of Kim Ho In in the web drama Shadow Beauty along with Shim Dalgi.

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With this, Bomin made the viewers fall for him.

2. MC Bomin

Bomin hosted the music program Music Bank with actress Shin Yeeun from July 2019 to July 2020.

Image Source: Music Bank

Along with soloist Jeon Somi, they hosted a free online K-pop concert – Unite On: Live Concert that aired last November 2020.

3. Model Bomin

Bomin was named an official brand model for cosmetics label Etude last February 2021.

Image Source: Etude Official Twitter (@etudeplay)

According to Etude, “Bomin’s great looks and his soft, bright image matches well with Etude, so we chose him as our new model. He is planning to hold various promotional activities with Etude, so please look forward to it.”

He also used to be a model for Huggies when he was a baby!

4. Idol Bomin

Aside from being an actor, model, and MC, Bomin is an idol. With this, Bomin solidifies his position as both an idol and an actor.

Image Source: Golden Child Official Twitter (@GoldenChild)

Recently, Golden Child made their comeback with their 2nd full album “Game Changer” and title track “Ra Pam Pam”.

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Despite his busy schedule, Bomin prepared for the group’s comeback that both the group and fans waited for 7 months since their last comeback.

KBS Music Bank aired a special episode where fans got to see the new cover last December 2019. With this, Bomin along with Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin, ASTRO‘s Sanha, and AB6IX‘s Lee Dae Hwi they formed a group known as 00s, since all of the members are 2000 liners.

One of their popular performance is the cover of Red Velvet’s Psycho with almost 26 million views on Youtube.

5. Maknae Bomin

Image Source: Golden Child Official Twitter (@Hi_Goldenness)

Regarding nicknames such as “maknae on top,” Bomin shared in his interview with Star1, “I think I got that nickname because I’m not the type to act like a child. I’m the eldest son in my family, so I’m more mature compared to my age.”

Although Bomin is the youngest member of Golden Child, the other members consider him to be very mature.

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As Bomin celebrates his 22nd birthday today, let’s all show our love and support to him!

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