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‘Nevertheless’ and ‘The Devil Judge’ Finales: Who will be Yu Na Bi’s endgame? Will Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han have a falling-out?

Huge spoilers ahead!

The end inches closer, but we can’t quite picture the windup of two of the loved South Korean dramas at present: of who will Yu Na Bi choose between the bashful chef slash budding vlogger, Yang Do Hyeok and the skilled artist and rain-drenched, Park Jae Eon who’s been repenting on his mistake; and whether Kim Ga On’s, as he mourns for the passing of the love of his life, humanity prevail or let his hatred follow the apathetic Kang Yo Han’s control.

Before JTBC’s “Nevertheless” and tvN’s “The Devil Judge” close their curtains this weekend, here are the details we know and some predictions on how the characters will put a dot on their respective arcs.

‘Nevertheless’ Episode 10 (Finale): Will Yu Na Bi get her much-deserved happy ending? Who between Park Jae Eon and Yang Do Hyeok is her endgame?

Nevertheless final episode preview shows Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) about to completely drift away from her former casual partner Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) as she wipes off her tears and wipes out her lingering feelings for him.

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On the flip side, she is seen genuinely beaming with her childhood friend, Yang Do Hyeok (Chae Jong Hyeop), who wishes she would look his way. 

A closer look and Na Bi is spotted dismissing Jae Eon’s attempts to repair their broken relationship (or was there even any?) while she keeps her comfortable distance, but she heartedly accepts Do Hyeok’s flowers and both support each other’s career and accomplishments. While it seems the latter has advanced and widened his gap, the finale teaser remains ambiguous, not even letting us catch a glimpse of its ultimate conclusion. 

Photo: JTBC official Instagram (@jtbcdrama)

In the webtoon, Na Bi’s endgame is the handsome chef, but drama adaptations, at times, change the course of the storyline. So will it be Jae Eon this time around? Or will Na Bi choose herself above anyone else and prioritize loving herself first and foremost?

Let’s all find out in Nevertheless Episode 10 on Netflix at midnight on Sunday, August 22 (Philippine Time).

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‘The Devil Judge’ Episodes 15 & 16: Is Kang Yo Han’s moniker “the devil judge” really just a moniker? Will Kim Ga On find inner peace?

After Yoon Soo Hyun’s (Park Gyu Young) death, Kim Ga On (GOT7 Jinyoung) had a change of heart, eager to capture the one who shot his lover, as well as the criminals, and to bestow them punishment equal to the crimes and anguish they inflicted on their victims.

But this was only a fleeting moment for Ga On while he was in hysterics and grief, and until Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) stirred up a collective antipathy from citizens and declared his verdict to Juk Chang: a televised death penalty by electric chair. 

Min Jung Ho’s (Ahn Nae Sang) words echoed on Ga On’s head, that Soo Hyun wouldn’t be happy to see him electrocuting a person, and that she was investigating Yo Han’s past and the church fire before her death. And all of a sudden, Ga On has been flipped back again, back to his old self.

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At the latter part of Episode 14, the young judge held an emergency press conference, causing power interruption to abruptly cease the electrocution. There, he announced that the live court show was all fake.

As dismay was written all over Yo Han’s face, this is expected to jeopardize their partnership and lead to an ugly falling-out, not to mention Yo Han’s possible involvement in Soo Hyun’s death.

In “The Devil Judge” Episode 15 teaser, we see crumbs of Ga On scanning Soo Hyun’s notes while she was digging into Yo Han’s inexplicable history and crying in frustration over a lifeless, bloodied body that makes his strong fist land on Yo Han’s jaw. 

So what could Soo Hyun’s investigation be? Was Yo Han actually the one who set the church on fire? Or is somebody else, one who’s certainly powerful, toying with them behind the scenes of this cat and mouse game?

Catch the remaining two episodes of “The Devil Judge” on Saturday night, August 21.

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