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LIST: Han So Hee’s K-dramas with plot summary and details

Han So Hee is one of the most stunning and gorgeous South Korean actresses of today’s generation. She is gaining so much attention now with her ongoing Korean drama The World of the Married.

Who wouldn’t notice her with her amazing acting skills? You will surely get swayed by her the way she acts and gives so much for her role!

Although she still doesn’t get a lead role after her second lead and supporting roles, it cannot be denied that she’s one of the greatest actresses in Korea. When she sarcastically smiles, you’ll surely get annoyed by her. However, when she cries, you’ll surely be in pain. Yes, that’s how good she is in acting!

Do you want to watch her in more Korean dramas? The list below contains the complete K-dramas she starred in as of writing.

Reunited Worlds

  • Aired on July 19 to September 21, 2017;
  • SBS;
  • 20 episodes; and
  • Portrayed supporting role.
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Reunited Worlds tells the story of a senior high school student, Hae Sung, who is about to celebrate his birthday as his girlfriend, Jung Won, is preparing a surprise party. While running for an errand, Hae Sung will get hit by a car; then, dies. Later on, he will wake up at the roof of his school. However, his age is still the same when he dies when others already already in their 30s.

Money Flower

  • Aired on November 11 to February 3, 2019;
  • MBC;
  • 24 episodes; and
  • Portrayed main character but not the first lead.

Money Flower is about different people who are driven by their greed. Some of them are from well off family and there are those who are skilled and intelligent. They thought that they can control money and other things.

100 Days My Prince

  • Aired on September 10 to October 30, 2018;
  • tvN;
  • 16 episodes; and
  • Portrayed second lead character.
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It tells the story of a Crown Prince who was considered death after he was ambushed. The truth is, he only got missing and found himself in Sojoong Village. He’ll meet different people for 100 days which will teach him a lot in life. One of those is the person he has been looking for since he was a child.

After The Rain

  • Released on September 26, 2018;
  • KBS2;
  • Two episodes; and
  • Portrayed supporting role.

After The Rain tells the story of a mysterious woman who appeared in front of the son of a small restaurant. They are living in a peaceful village when things suddenly changed.


  • Aired on May 6 to June 25, 2019;
  • tvN;
  • 16 episodes; and
  • Portrayed supporting role.

Abyss revolves around the two main characters Go Se Yeon (Park Bo Young) and Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) who were brought back to life by the powers of Abyss. The Abyss in this drama is a small glass ball that Cha Min received from a grim reaper. It has the power to bring back a person from the dead, but with the face of its soul.

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The World of The Married

  • Ongoing;
  • JTBC;
  • 16 episodes; and
  • Portraying second lead character.

The World of The Married is about a married couple; wherein, the husband betrays his wife by having a relationship with another woman.

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