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#TeamPotato All The Way: Here’s why Yang Do Hyeok deserves Yu Na Bi’s love and vice versa in ‘Nevertheless’

It’s hard not to fall in love with Yang Do Hyeok in “Nevertheless.” He’s sincere, affectionate, and makes Yu Na Bi good food, among others. Hence, we can’t help but root for the chef.

Okay, a lot of us have been there and have done that—fell for the wrong person despite the obvious, waving red flags. But let’s admit from here on out: Yang Do Hyeok deserves Yu Na Bi’s reciprocation and, honestly, all the love in the world.

The second lead syndrome isn’t new to ardent K-drama enthusiasts, but it’s hard not to fall in love with Yang Do Hyeok (portrayed by Chae Jong Hyeop) in Nevertheless. He’s sincere, affectionate, and makes Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) good food, among others. Hence, we can’t help but root for the chef.

Yang Do Hyeok has proven himself multiple times, bashfully and sincerely, so here are a few but well-grounded reasons why he’s the right person for the pretty art student.

Warning, though. There will be spoilers ahead!

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1. Yang Do Hyeok didn’t forget Yu Na Bi’s birthday.

What was supposed to be a special day turned into heartbreak as Yu Na Bi’s mother chose a stranger over celebrating her birthday. Then came the cuddles with Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) that seemed to have an expiry date, with him leaving as if nothing happened. Worse, the pack of seaweed soup was left unscathed near the sink—didn’t he promise to make her the soup?

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But thanks to Yang Do Hyeok, Yu Na Bi’s day was saved. He didn’t forget her birthday, and he even surprised her with a cake and seaweed soup!

Note: Koreans have the tradition of eating seaweed soup during their birthdays as their way to honor their mothers’ love and sacrifice.

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2. He makes time for her.

In episode 5, as Yu Na Bi prepares for her upcoming presentation at the restaurant where Yang Do Hyeok works, her childhood friend excused himself to spend even just a little time with her—a bare minimum effort, but believe it when we say THAT means a lot. He complimented Yu Na Bi’s creation, making her form that well-deserved smile that reaches her eyes. 

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3. Cuddles and attention within the outskirts vs. a chill date by the beach with good food and meaningful conversation

Compared to Song Kang’s treatment to Yu Na Bi, Yang Do Hyeok treats the ladylike royalty without asking for anything in return. Well, probably, he does, but he doesn’t force Yu Na Bi to his own terms, and their relationship doesn’t only exist at night!

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In episode 6, upon learning Yu Na Bi was also in their hometown, Yang Do Hyeok happily prepared food, drinks, and a whole lot of camping paraphernalia squeezed in his camper van. With a camera in hand, he documented the genuinely all-smiles Yu Na Bi and gave her an amazing time she never experienced with Park Jae Eon, with whom she only interacts within the walls of her apartment unit or in the obscure parts of the campus.

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And the gentleman that he is, Yang Do Hyeok let Yu Na Bi sleep inside the van, even lending his own blanket so she wouldn’t be cold. He chose to sleep on the chair outside and braved the cold breeze from night ‘til sunrise. If that isn’t selfless love, then we don’t know what is!

How about you? Are you #TeamPotato, too?

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