Once you become an INSPIRIT, you will become an Inspirit forever. We will also be INFINITE forever!” – INFINITE, Jang Dongwoo

INFINITE has always been so considerate towards their fans. It’s been 11 long years, and it is more than enough for the group to make INSPIRITS feel loved and appreciated. They treasure their fans and once said that INSPIRITS are their friends and girlfriends.

Last June 9, INFINITE marked their 11th debut anniversary. And now, on August 17, INSPIRITS celebrate their 10th anniversary. Let’s check out several of the many proofs that INSPIRIT showed their unstoppable love and support to INFINITE.

Image Source: INFINITE Official Twitter (@Official_INFT)

1. Filipino INSPIRITS created 3D virtual museum for INFINITE’s 10th anniversary

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of INFINITE last June 9, 2020, an INFINITE 3D virtual museum was created by three Filipino INSPIRITS namely Ryanell Zulueta, Jay Madio, and Mara Villaflor. The INFINITE X: A Decade With INFINITE 3D Virtual Museum project reached not just the Filipino INSPIRITS but also the international fans and gained high-praised because of the amazingly detailed masterpiece.

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Image Source: @ForIfntMission

2. Indian INSPIRITS created an 11th-anniversary special video

Even though INFINITE was not active and didn’t have a comeback ever since 2019, the group still gained many new fans worldwide. During the pandemic, the fanbase of INSPIRITS in India has grown so much, and to celebrate INFINITE’s 11th anniversary last June, they created a special video titled ‘A Beautiful and Musical Journey’.

3. Touching moments where INSPIRITS are singing along with INFINITE

For every concert, INSPIRITS won’t let the chance be blown away without singing with INFINITE, and the members also love giving vocal lessons with the fans! Here are some videos of INSPIRITS singing along with the members.

4. INSPIRITS created a blog page for INFINITE

INSPIRITS created a blog and fan page in Amino titled ‘Inspirits Greatest Moments‘ for all the fans all over the world and have been compiling their moments with co-Inspirits and INFINITE. It was created last 2016 and now the page has 68,310 subscribers.

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Screenshot from Amino

5. INFINITE x INSPIRIT 10th Anniversary fan project

To commemorate INSPIRITs’ 10th anniversary, another fan base of INFINITE created a fan project called ‘Together With Inspirits‘ and ‘Photocard Flip Event‘.

In ‘Together With Inspirits’, the fans will be singing INFINITE’s song, Together while holding their yeobong (lightstick) and banner. While the ‘Photocard Flip Event’ is a trending video in Tiktok, wherein K-pop fans flip the PCs of their bias.

Image Source: @InfiniteINFO

All these amazing years, INFINITE and INSPIRITS will continue to share moments together and endless love with each other.

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