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11 WINNER Songs to Include in Your Playlist!

WINNER – a quartet all-male group known for their bomb summer hits and outstanding lyrics. Its members include Jinu, Hoony, Mino, and Yoon.

L-R: Yoon, Mino, Jinu, and Hoony | YG Entertainment

One of YG’s boy groups, WINNER is indeed known for its amazing summer-themed songs. Now as the group celebrated their debut anniversary, I just want to recommend some of their great hits you should listen to at least once.

WINNER’s Playlist

1. Empty

The group debuted on August 17, 2014, with the album 2014 S/S. Initially, a 5-member group with now South Club’s Nam Tae Hyun, the group were the winners of YG’s WIN: Who Is Next? Survival program.

Empty initially showcased the group’s diverse yet outstanding vocals. A proof that they are something to look forward to.

2. Don’t Flirt

Another song included in 2014 S/S, Don’t Flirt will definitely put a smile on your face as you listen to the members singing to you to stop being a flirt!

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3. Immature

Immature is one of the group’s lively songs under their album, EXIT: E. The song’s lively musical number will definitely make you stomp your feet or wish to party with the boys!

4. Sentimental

Sentimental is also part of the EXIT: E album. With its band music, the members show their unique side in the MV as well as their cute samba steps! Jinu is totally a head stunner!

5. Really Really

When Taehyun left in 2016, WINNER continued as a four-member group. They released Fate Number For in 2017 featuring Really Really. One of the group’s most well-received songs.

6. Island

After Fate Number For, the group released Our Twenty For, with Island. Due to its summer and tropical beats, it became one of the summer anthems in Korea. And how can we forget a short-haired Hoony? Definitely a peak visual for everyone in this era!

7. Everyday

By 2018, the group drops EVERYD4Y, their third album since 2016. It became a hit allowing them to hold tours which included the Philippines in 2018. The song Everyday is once again included as one of the most-loved songs by the general public.

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8. Millions

Million’s surprised the Inner Circles on the last days of 2018. The single was released featuring the members with an ultimate namchin feels! Pretty sure, ICs kept on circling to find out their main bias at this point. 🤣

9. Dress Up

In 2019, the group is once again bound for another tour upon the release of Cross. Dress Up is one of the songs on the said EP. Just listen to the song below and I can guarantee that this might deserve a spot on your playlist!

10. Movie Star

Movie Star is also part of EVERYD4Y album. Its lyrics are so sweet that fans can easily sing along and of course, wish that they are the female lead!

11. Remember

The title track for the group’s latest album, Remember was released in 2020 as a temporary farewell gift to the fans. The group is bound to enlist in the military wherein members Hoony and Jinu are currently serving. Yes, guys, we will always remember you! And don’t worry, we will wait.

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Inner Circles or not, we hope you were able to appreciate WINNER in this article! Let’s keep on supporting them until they are all discharged from the army.~

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