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Philippines’ newest P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play debuts with their single, ‘WIN’

On August 6, 2021, after almost two years of beating the odds, challenges, and growing pain of the new normal, the Philippines’ newest P-Pop idol group Press Hit Play finally debuted with their much-awaited single “WIN”.

Photo courtesy of Evosound

The single which features an irresistible beat n’ bounce, power-pop harmonies, a stadium-sized chorus, and a touch of modern hip-hop, is dedicated to PHP’s fans who have patiently waited and faithfully followed the group’s journey up to this point.

In addition, the group also shared that they are not aiming to imitate what other groups have done in the past, but rather to push the boundaries of the components that the group does extremely well and develop a distinctly Filipino identity.

Photo courtesy of Evosound

Furthermore, PHP has signed a worldwide deal with the evosound label (under the umbrella of international music company Evolution Music Group) and is set to change the game and redefine the concept of the P-Pop Idol Group in terms of writing, arranging, and producing their own songs, dance moves, and even music videos.

Knowing the members

The group consists of six members, let us all get to know them more in this section!

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

YUKITO– A former events host, one-time actor, and a language tutor for both English and Nihongo, Yukito– who is PHP’s de facto group leader– started performing as a member of the boy group ZeroToHero, which was the Philippines’ representative to the Korean Cover Dance Festival in 2015. He had the pleasure of undergoing training under established Korean companies, specifically RBW Entertainment in South Korea.

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

YUUKI– Yuuki’s passion for moving to the music is one that is decorated and riddled with stardom all over it: in the past, he started off as a backup dancer for local and international artists and shone further as a member of KPOP cover groups SHINERs and SPECTRUM (both groups were featured on two of the biggest television networks in the country).

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

SEV– the youngest of all the members – besides being an all-around head-turner because of his boy-next-door looks – also has one of the freshest, disarmingly enchanting voices that fans of the genre surely haven’t heard in a long time. A former freelance acoustic band vocalist and seasoned at his young age by joining – and winning – numerous singing contests in and out of the metro.

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

JP– regarded as the jack of all trades in the band, JP – indeed – has seemingly seen and done it all: both a powerful singer and dancer, he also serves as the composer and arranger of Press Hit Play Like his fellow PHP members, JP – at his young age – is a veteran of more than a handful of singing competitions and high-profile appearances and performances. He had the pleasure of undergoing training under established Korean companies, specifically ShowBT Philippines and RBW Entertainment in South Korea.

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

CHRLS– both a charmer vocal-wise and personality-wise, CHRLS not only swoops and swoons with his vocal range, but he is also a fan-favorite since he can basically charm the socks off anyone and everyone. The beginning of his journey as a singer immediately started on a high point, as he joined various competitions and became a finalist for MTV Kpop Star Hunt Season 2 and 3, and ultimately won the Dream Kpop Filipino Champion – under the Korean company JU Entertainment, where he trained for the following two years before training another full year with ShowBT Philippines. He then became part of an international hip-hop group called United Asians.

Photo courtesy of PHP’s Facebook Page

ZI. O– the master of fast-paced bars and superb rhyming and wordplay, Zi. O’s first foray into music came through being a part of an underground rap group he established called Westside Familia, alongside Filipino rappers Hydra and LowKey (who have since gone on and made a name for themselves)… with the group, Zi. O traversed his way and learned-as-he-went, even joining and winning a prestigious rap battle in 2015, and ultimately continued evolving as a performer, having joined several KPOP cover dance competitions through the years, which is why is he one-half of PHP’s main choreography duo (alongside Yuuki…).

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“Win” is definitely a track that will keep audiences busy – and bouncing – while PHP unravels its blow-by-blows for 2021. It definitely looks to be an incendiary year for everyone, so in the group’s very own words: “Set the tune…feel the vibe… PRESS HIT PLAY!”

Everything comes at the right place and at the right time. Congratulations, Press Hit Play!

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