WINNER Renews their YG Contract for another 5 Years!

WINNER and Inner Circles had a blast as they’ve celebrated their 7th Anniversary debut last August 17. 

According to a news report from Export News, all members of WINNER — Kang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, Lee Seung Hoon, and Kim Jin Woo has agreed to renew their contract for another five years. 

While the group is currently on hiatus due to two members (Hoony and Jinu) enlisted, the other two (Yoon and Mino) spent some time with the fans on a VLIVE broadcast. Their contract renewal is a surprise treat to their fans for their upcoming music plans on the future.

WINNER members expressed, “We want to show our respect to our Inner Circles who’s been with us for a long time.” They also show their gratitude to the fans, “Thank you Inner Circles, we are here because of you. Please look forward to us and our activities in the future.”

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The K-Pop group was formed from YG Entertainment’s survival program, WIN: Who is Next? Where they debuted with the album, 2014 S/S.

Let’s all look forward and cheer for WINNER!

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Image from YG Entertainment.

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