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Meet the casts and their charismatic characters in “Monthly Magazine Home”

Following their appearance in the drama Came To Me and Became a Star, Actress Jung So Min and Actor Kim Ji Suk reunite again after 8 years in their latest romantic drama, Monthly Magazine Home which is currently streaming at iQiyi.

Monthly Magazine Home depicts the romantic and comical relationship of a man who buys houses and a woman who lives in houses.

The Versatile Casts and Their Charismatic Roles

Jung So Min as Na Young Won

(Image Source: iQIYI)
(Image Source: iQIYI)

Na Young Won is a hardworking and persistent magazine editor for 10 years. Her friend helped her to work as an editor at Monthly Magazine Home when she suddenly became jobless after her previous employer closed down the publication.

She views a house as her refuge after a hard day, the only place she could let out what she really felt, a place that could comfort her weary body and a soul, and a place where she could be herself.

She, later on, finds out that her company’s CEO is the person who forcedly kicked her out of her house back then when she hasn’t found a new place to transfer.

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Jung So Min is a versatile actress and remarkable for her roles in the dramas Playful Kiss, D-Day, My Father Is Strange, Because This Is My First Life, and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

Kim Ji Suk as Yoo Ja Sung

(Image Source: iQIYI)

(Image Source: iQIYI)

Ja Sung is an orphan and poor since birth so he focused all his time, money, and emotions on achieving his goals of becoming the billionaire he wishes himself to be.

He became a real estate billionaire developer and the CEO of Monthly Magazine Home who practically views a house as money and something you buy in low and sell at a higher price.

Moreover, he is also the one who forcedly kicked Na Young Won out of her rented home back then.

Kim Ji Suk is a great actor who starred in the hit drama series When the Camellia Blooms, and Another Oh Hae Young.

Jung Gun Joo as Shin Gyeom

(Image Source: iQIYI)
(Image Source: iQIYI)

Shin Gyeom is a young and skillful photographer and loves to go on camping. He is a son of a chaebol living a relaxed life. He meets Na Young Won who became his close friend and they buy items that are on a 1+1 shelf in a convenience store to save money.

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Jung Gun Joo’s charm and great acting skills are really admirable. He made us fall in love with him in his roles in The third Charm, Extraordinary You, and Oh My Baby.

Kim Won Hae as Choi Go

(Image Source: iQIYI)

The optimistic Editor-In-Chief of Monthly Magazine Home and is a devoted family man.

He has refused to relocate for years despite the fact that they are currently living in a 30-year old apartment because he is hoping for the building’s reconstruction that would increase the value of his property/apartment.

Kim Won Hae starred in various dramas, just to name a few he is remarkable for his roles in the dramas Drinking Solo, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping, Start-Up, and Youth Of May.

Chae Jung An as Yeo Ui Joo

(Image Source: iQIYI)

Yeo Ui Joo is an editor in Monthly Magazine Home and a good friend of Young Won who helped her to be one of the editors of their company.

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She lives a luxurious life, while almost everyone in the magazine makes a great effort to own a home, Ui Joo chooses to rent a house.

She strongly believes that real estate values are bound to fall and that investing in the future is not a guarantee for happiness.

Chae Jung An is notable for her roles in Prime Minister and I, Yong Pal, Man to Man, Suits, and Legal High.

Ahn Chang Hwan as Nam Sang Soon

(Image Source: iQIYI)

Nam Sang Soon is one of the editors in the Monthly Magazine Home. He is a magazine editor for 13 years. In order to save money to buy a house so he can marry his longtime girlfriend, he still lives with his parents.

Ahn Chang Hwan starred in the dramas Backstreet Rookie, Vincenzo, and Prison Playbook.

Watch Monthly Magazine Home every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM, KST on iQiyi!

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