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ICYMI: Kim Ji Seok sent coffee truck support to Jung So Min’s “Return” filming set!

(Image Source: kimjiseok16)

Our Na Young Won and Yoo Ja Sung ships are sailing again! Monthly Magazine Home drama feels!

On November 23, coffee greate shared through their Instagram account the multiple photos of coffee truck sent by Kim Ji Seok to show his love and support to his former Monthly Magazine Home co-star, Jung So Min in her filming set of his upcoming drama, Return.

Kim Ji Seok designed the Horizontal banner with a message that reads as:

“Somin, don’t think too hard. just pick two”

while the vertical banner reads as:

“I’m rooting for her who puts her soul into ‘Hwan Hon’ (Romanized title of her upcoming drama)”

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Seok showed their overflowing comical and romantic chemistry in their recent drama, Monthly Magazine Home. They both appeared in a 2013 drama, Came To Me and Became a Star. They built a strong friendship and chemistry since then.

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Aw! Kim Ji Seok is such a sweet friend!

Let’s look forward to So Min’s upcoming drama mga bes!

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