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#AOKdramaReco: “Strong Woman Do Bongsoon”

Strong Woman Do Bongsoon, also known as Strong Girl Bongsoon, is a romantic comedy and thriller Korean drama. It stars Park Boyoung, Park Hyungsik, and Jisoo, with the ever-popular ahjussi worldwide, Kim Wonhae. They achieved the title of highest viewership rating on JTBC in 2017, garnering a nationwide rating of 9.668%. It was two years after when it was surpassed by another title and now ranks 6th overall.

Aside from that, Park Boyoung won Outstanding Korean Actress and Best Actress awards for the said K-drama during the 12th Seoul International Drama Awards and 1st The Seoul Awards respectively. Meanwhile, Park Hyungsik bagged Popularity Award on 1st The Seoul Awards for the K-drama.

About the drama

Strong Woman Do Bongsoon revolves around the life of Do Bongsoon, a woman who was naturally born with supernatural strength. She dreams to be a creator of a video game.

One day, she will work for the gaming company CEO Ahn Minhyuk as his bodyguard. Minhyuk receives threats and experiences stalking, so he believes that Bongsoon would be a great help to him.

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Personal thoughts

This K-drama is one of the best titles that I have ever seen for the past decade. It is not only a romantic comedy and thrilling series but also a family type of K-drama. In fact, my family already watched this series and all of us loved its story, plot twists, and the acting skills of all cast members!

Watching Strong Woman Do Bongsoon is best to relieve stress but be reminded that it also unleashes viewers’ critical thinking and analysis. As much as you will laugh until your stomach aches, this K-drama will also sends you chills and goosebumps! Rest assured that there is no dull moment in this series although the episode one is a bit average type. Things will be more interesting afterward!

Additionally, the thing to look forward to in Strong Woman Do Bongsoon is the natural and great chemistry of Park Boyoung and Park Hyungsik. The kilig that they bring to people is really on another level just like their top-notch portrayal of Bongsoon and Minhyuk.

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Aside from that, Kim Wonhae’s characters (yes, with “s”) is something to anticipate for! The ahjussi portrayed two characters here with different personalities from one another. At first, I thought that they were two different persons but I realized that both of them is Kim Wonhae!

For the past years, people have always claimed that when Kim Wonhae ahjussi is present in a K-drama, you know that it is a great piece.

The story flow and the ending itself are satisfying. To the point that you would want to see more of them but there is this thing that you are already satisfied with how things turned out.

Spoiler alert

When it comes to favorite scenes, I must say that it is not easy to pick one. There are a lot of choices to select from! My mother told me that her favorite part in this series is when Bongsoon begged for her powers to be back. It was granted because she did not ask for it for her own sake but for others.

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Meanwhile, my favorite part is when she finally had a control over her powers with the help of Minhyuk. As much as this series acknowledges women empowerment and gender equality, it also tackles help and cooperation.

On the other hand, my sister said that her favorite one is when Bongsoon helped Minhyuk when they were young. There is a painting of her that Minhyuk have had throughout the years. It was a cute and kilig flashback in her opinion.

How about you, bes, what is the best thing about this K-drama that you loved most?

All photos courtesy of JTBC and Annyeong Oppa via JTBC.

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