Kdrama Review: 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”

If you are looking for a unique, heart wrenching kdrama, then, try to watch “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” also known as “Hundred Million Stars From the Sky”. It is South Korean mystery drama which aired in TVN last October 2018. It is 16-episode of gripping, emotional and well-acted scenes. 

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It is a remake of the Japanese TV series “Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. If you know about this series then you probably know how the story will go right? Don’t worry bes, this is a spoiler free review (well, I tried).

After finishing this kdrama, I felt the sudden urge to talk to someone. I feel satisfied but the feeling of emptiness is there. It is being “glad but sad at the same type of feeling”. Finish the series and you’ll see what I mean.

Thus being said, here are 7 reasons why you should watch this unconventional korean drama.

1.) The Story is 10/10.

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The story follows the fateful romance of a mysterious man Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) suspected of murder and a woman Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min) whose life is completely changed after meeting him. 

I can’t emphasize enough how deeply I am involved in their lives. All throughout the series, I kept asking “Why”. The flow of the story is interesting and I like how the show progressed. I know this is based from a previous known series but the writer did a good job on adding korean spice into it. The flow of the story will keep you asking for more.

2.) The Characters.

That characters gave justice to the good story. The actors are well casted and they played their roles well. They weren’t just by-standers who came into and out of the plot for the sake of it, their actions meant something.

Seo In Guk as Kim Moo Young is not your typical male lead. He is unique in every sense. He does bad things. He will keep surprising you until the very last minute. Sometimes you just want to keep hating his character for doing stupid things but most of the time you’ll fall in love for the things that he’ll do. You can never fall out of love with his character.

Jung So Min as Yoo Jin Kang is an advertisement agent. Even though she had it rough, she grew up to be a lovable, understanding, and kind woman. She is like a guardian angel who will accept you no matter who you are as a person.
Park Sung Woong as Yoo Jin Gook who plays as Jin Kang’s police detective brother. He does everything to protect his sister. He plays a vital role on the couple’s past.

3.) The OST.

Seo In Guk and Jung So Min sang an official soundtrack for this kdrama titled “Star” which adds to the melodramatic feel of the show.

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4.) The love scenes.

It’s straightforward. Also, the way the writer omitted the push and pull love story between the two is a nice sight. I love the fact that they did not hold back on their romantic scenes.

5.) You will fall in love with Seo In Guk.

I fell in love with Seo In Guk from episode 1. His acting is superb. I know he is a great actor but he continuously showed that in this series. The way he switched his emotions from sweet to murderous is really amazing.

6.) The chemistry off and on screen.

Just look at these photos.

7.) The Ending.

Unlike the original series. The korean version moved away for the “taboo” part of the Japanese series. I don’t want to give out spoilers so if you want to know what is that, then you can just google it. Hahaha.

What I felt about the ending? Bittersweet. Yes, that’s how I’d describe this whole kdrama. I don’t know what should I feel about how their lives ended up, but it amazes me how satisfied I am with it.

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Should I recommend you this korean drama?

Well, what I can say is, this kdrama is not all love, smiles and happiness, it has heavy scenes that can really get you emotionally invested. It’s not for everyone but those who watched it certainly couldn’t stop.

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6 thoughts on “Kdrama Review: 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”

  1. Ive watched it and it was heartrending and so painful and so raw and very honest. Seo In Guk has proven he is a very serious actor. I cried till the last minute of the ending.

  2. I watched this drama because of Seo In-Guk. I love him as an actor. It’s everything the others have said and I cried at the ending. I’ve not seen the Japanese version and knew nothing about the series beforehand, but about ep 14 I had an idea of how the story was going to go and I was right, but the ending also surprised me and devastated me. I loved this series and I recommend it.

  3. Never in my entire life as a Kdrama fan have I ever met a character as intriguing and as unforgettable as Kim Moo Young. You’re right. Seo In Guk had already proven what a great actor he is, but this drama will leave you in awe with his brilliance especially how he showcases his emotions with his eyes alone. I’ve rewatched this countless times and every single time Moo Young would flash a sweet smile with a murderous stare, my heart would literally skip a beat.

    I hope that more people would give this drama a try especially now that In Guk’s Dooms at Your Service is receiving attention. Finally, they’ve woken up from sleeping on this multi-talented man.

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