K-Drama Recommendation: Extraordinary You is not an Ordinary Drama

Extraordinary you is the new drama by MBC. It is based on the popular webtoon “July Found by Chance”. The story revolves around a girl named Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim Hye Yoon), who finds out that she is a character from a manga. At first, it was okay with her until she found out that she was not the main character of the story. What’s worse is her role  isn’t worth remembering.

There are some scenes that most K-drama fans will recognize. The famous A3 would remind you of Meteor Garden’s Dao Ming Si or Boys over Flowers’ Gu Jun Pyo. Their group came from powerful families. Aside from being rich, they are also good looking. Members of A3 consists of Oh Nam Ju the leader and the bad boy (Kim Young Dae), Baek Kyung which happens to be Eun Dan Oh’s fiancé who does not love her (Lee Jae Wook), and Lee Do Hwa the Yoon Ji Hoo or Hua Ze Lei (Jung Gun Joo) the friendliest among them and the one who always smile. You will see the famous walk that parts a sea of people just to give way for them.

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As much as Dan-oh wanted to be the leading lady that the A3 would fight for that is not the case. Because the leading lady of the story is the clumsy, but beautiful Yeo Joo-da (Lee Na-eun).

After finding out about the truth from the Squid Fairy, Eun Dan-oh is set to make her own ending and story. But it was not easy because no matter how she tries to go against the story in just one “blip”, she is back to the role that was assigned to her. She hated it but she never gives up, instead she continue to try and find ways to change her ending no matter how hard it was.

Until one part of the story changed, not because of what she planned but because of someone. The mysterious guy (Rowoon) that shows up out of nowhere to change how her specific scene was supposed to turn out but then leaves without a trace. This drama may also reminds you of W and the handsome Kang Chul.

The Drama is still ongoing, and to be honest the drama does not have any dull moment. The excitement it brings puts a smile on your face. If you hated Kim Hye-yoon in Sky Castle, you’ll definitely love her here in Extraordinary You. I love her smart witty side comments and the way she talks to herself. She really suited the character she is playing.

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Aside from the story, you will look forward to seeing the new faces of the actors included in this drama.

Has anyone watched this drama? What do you think?

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