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5 reasons to watch “Youth of May”

The new KBS drama started airing last May 3, and so far, it has received good feedbacks from the viewers.

Set in the 80s, “Youth of May” follows the story of Hwang Hee Tae (played by Lee Do Hyun) and Kim Myung Hee (played by Go Min Si) who met during the time of the Gwangju Uprising and fell in love.

Hwang Hee Tae is a top medical student who studies at Seoul National University. He’s also a musician.

Kim Myung Hee is a hospital nurse who came from a poor family. She supports her own family and dreams of studying and migrating abroad.

Part of the main cast is Keum Sae Rok (who plays Lee Soo Ryeon) and Lee Sang Yi (who plays Lee Soo Chan).

Lee Soo Ryeon is Myung Hee’s best friend and an activist. She’s often involved in trouble and uses her father’s printing company in order to print the flyers they use.

Lee Soo Chan is Soo Ryeon’s older brother who came back to South Korea after studying in France. He’s also a businessman.

“Youth of May” is a must-see drama, and if you’re looking for reasons why you should add this to your watch list, here are 5 reasons why:

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The “meet-cute”

Don’t we all love it when our lead characters have a cute first meeting?

Hee Tae first saw Myung Hee at the hospital wherein a rude patient tried to assault her. Hee Tae witnessed this scene and surely Myung Hee left a strong impression on Hee Tae.

The next time they met (formally) is during a blind date and that’s how their story started.

During their meeting at a restaurant, Myung Hee said she’s familiar with Hee Tae’s name since his name was plastered around the city when he entered Seoul National University.

The history

The drama is set in 1980s during the peak of the Gwangju Uprising.

The Gwangju Uprising happened from May 18 to 27, 1980. The martial law resulted in over 600 deaths and up to this day, some of the victims’ bodies were still missing.

The Gwangju Uprising is an important part of their history and movies such as “Taxi Driver” (2017) and “May 18” (2007) portrayed the story of the uprising.

Now, we’ll see how the drama “Youth of May” will tell the story of an important happening in the history of South Korea.

Chemistry of the two leads

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si who previously worked together in the drama “Sweet Home” are giving us their swoon-worthy moments.

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The two are destined to meet and fall in love despite all the complications around them.

With 4 episodes in, the two showed their perfect chemistry and we are bound to fall in love with them in the upcoming episodes!

Also, Lee Do Hyun is someone to watch out for and you can see how well he matches with all of his on-screen partners!

Supporting cast

Actors such as Oh Man Seok (who plays Hwang Ki Nam, Hwang Hee Tae’s father), Kim Won Hae (who plays Kim Hyun Chul, Kim Myung Hee’s father), Hwang Young Hee (who plays Choi Soon Nyeo, Kim Myung Hee’s mother), and Eom Hyo Seop (who plays Lee Chang Keun, Lee Soo Ryeon and Lee Soo Chan’s father) are a part of the cast will play a big part to the lives of the main leads.

You can also check out this character map to see how each character are involved with each other:

The 80s

If you were to be born at a decade you want, which decade it is?

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I would choose the 80s! The 1980s is a beautiful decade and the thing I love the most is their wardrobe.

The cast has an amazing wardrobe style. You can see in the drama how well the actors were styled just like they were really in the 80s.

Additionally, you can see the difference between Myung Hee and Soo Ryeon’s style. Do you remember that scene wherein Soo Ryeon is trying to dress up Myung Hee? Her wardrobe is really amazing and most of them were from popular brands.

Another factor that I loved the most is how they created a city that is set in the 80s. We don’t see very tall buildings and even the cars are old.

Also, the technology. We know that in the 80s, smartphones are not invented yet. We see the characters calling each other from payphones, home landlines, and even sending out letters to communicate with each other.

It’s nice to see how life was back then before everything was modernized.

Have I convinced you yet? Go watch “Youth of May” now and catch new episodes at Viu every Tuesday and Wednesday!

Images courtesy of KBS

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