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EXO’s Doh Kyungsoo gifts fans with an emotional yet heartwarming live clip of “That’s Okay”

Following the military discharge of EXO’s Doh Kyungsoo, the popular idol and actor gifted his fans with a live clip of That’s Okay on January 26.

It was his solo track he shared on his enlistment day back in July 1, 2019; touching the hearts and souls of his fans with an enchanting music video.

He participated in writing the lyrics of That’s Okay, signifying the reasons why the song is so emotional yet heartwarming at the same time.

Considering the fact that D.O is a multi-talented individual, his voice fits well to the song, making it so extra and precious.

As he officially been discharged on January 25, he posted a photo of him with a lovely letter on Lysn; followed by a live clip of That’s Okay dropped on YouTube, a day after.

It is so easy to notice how beautiful, sweet, and captivating the smiles of Kyungsoo while singing and doing the live clip.

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Likely to the purpose of That’s Okay, in a single clip he shared, he instantly takes away the worries of the fans, replacing the pain of many with hope and happiness.

See the live clip below.

Congratulations for finally finishing your military duties, Kyungsoo! Thank you for taking good care of yourself while serving your country. We are so proud of you and we will look forward to seeing you back on stage and on screen again!

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