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5 Underrated EXO’s D.O.’s vocal moments that we should know

Written by: Kyungsoo’s Noona

The long wait is almost over! After 9 long years debuting as a singer, the spotlight is finally on D.O. for his first solo mini-album named Empathy. With this, the word excitement is not even enough to describe what we feel towards this milestone.

But before we bask in the glory of 8 new songs of Kyungsoo in the Empathy album, we are giving a rundown of 5 underrated EXO D.O.’s vocal moments. Safe to assume that most songs in this list are fan favorites too.

1. Missing You

Kyungsoo is definitely known to be a vocal tone gangster and does riffs and runs like it is nobody’s business, that is why his belting is often overlooked. Missing You, his collab with sunbaenim Ryeowook of Super Junior, proves to everyone that he can belt solid high notes if needed.

2. The Eve

We get that you are all amazed with all the body rolls The Eve has given us and we don’t blame you (we too can’t take our eyes off SeKai) but if you listen close enough to the songs, you’d agree with us that Kyungsoo really ate this one. He just solidified his position as one of the sexiest voices in K-POP ever.

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3. Goodbye Summer

It is unfortunate that he did not have many collabs and we are manifesting that this year, he gets to do music more with other artists. And if K-Pop gods permit, we would also love that he gets to sing his own OST too. Listen to his harmonies voice in the song, Goodbye Summer and you’ll know why his voice would be a perfect fit for anyone.

4. It is still a dark night

Imagine thinking Kyungsoo cannot hit high notes in the year 2021? In this song, he slew multiple high and low notes and heavenly runs to die for, all of this while being a rookie. Is anyone doing it like him? If we want to convert people to stanning Kyungsoo, this is definitely one of the videos we will show them.

5. Don’t fight the feeling

Although there are more songs we wish to highlight, we would just like to emphasize how he killed his high note in “You and I” pre-chorus. It was a solid belt. In fact, he is hitting that note with ease that people didn’t actually realize it’s a relatively a hard note. 

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These five songs with Kyungsoo’s underrated vocal moments just proved that his vocals are exceptional. Who’s excited for his first solo album? For more information, you may want to visit this site to know everything about DKS1: D.O. SOLO 2021.

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