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5 Lessons to learn from the movie “My Annoying Brother”

My Annoying Brother is a Korean comedy drama movie which was released on November 23, 2016 in South Korea. The film stars Jo Jung Suk, Do Kyung Soo, and Park Shin Hye. Additionally, My Annoying Brother has a total of 110 minutes running time.

If you haven’t watch this film yet, there are numerous reasons why you should add this to your must-watch list of Korean movies. Aside from the fact that it features well-known celebrities, there are also five important lessons to learn from this film!

Before you continue reading this article, here are my two reminders first: 1) It is somehow a spoiler but a great chance to share our feels with each other if you have seen the movie already; and 2) Ready your tissue, mga bes!

1. It is never too late to change

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Jo Jung Suk as Go Doo Shik is known for being swindler. However, when he get paroled from prison, things changed for him and his brother.

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There are times when we have already lost our hope on someone because of their personality, attitude, kind of living, and such. Nevertheless, My Annoying Brother proved that if we can just wait and help those who are in crisis, there will always be a big chance for them to change.

2. Our family will always be there for us

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If you are not in good terms with anyone from your family, remember that no matter what happens, they will always be there for you. Truthfully, it is one of the best lessons to learn from My Annoying Brother because it will help everyone to appreciate their family. As seen in the clip from above, despite the fact that Go Doo Shik and Go Doo Young have a mutual averse relationship, in the end, they still got each other’s back. Ooppss! Go Doo Shik literally got his brother’s back.

3. Never give up on your dreams, take risks

There will always be obstacles before we achieve our goals or hardships to face that may stop us from doing what we love. However, if things aren’t going well according to your plans, that shouldn’t hinder you from fulfilling your dreams.

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Do Kyung Soo as Go Doo Young was diagnosed with complete blindness. His life goes upside down and have almost lose his interest in everything. Still, with the help of the people around him and with self-reflection, he pursued for his dreams and continue living his life.

4. Enjoy the present time with your loved ones

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Death is inevitable; that’s another matter to learn from My Annoying Brother. That’s why, we all shouldn’t take time or our loved ones for granted. As much as we can, enjoy the present time with our family, friends, and special someone. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. With that in mind, live in the moment and do the things that will make you and your loved ones happy.

5. There will be some people who will love you sincerely

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With all the hardships and failures you’ve faced, there will always be some individuals who will still love you sincerely. You may become different from what you are before but no matter what happens, those who truly care for you won’t leave your side. As for Go Doo Young, his brother and trainer were there for him to cheer him up and to remind him of his worth.

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Truly there will always be something more about every Korean movies. No doubt why numerous people are so into Korean dramas and films.

How about you all, mga bes, what do you love the most about each series you’ve watched? As for My Annoying Brother, which lessons to learn got stuck on your heart? Share your feels with us!

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