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Doh Kyungsoo: A humble all-rounder

Have you ever stan someone who has always been so ready to go to the military? If yes, for sure you are EXO’s Doh Kyungsoo stan. Just kidding!

After almost two years of waiting for him, Kyungsoo already finished his military duties last January 25, 2021. As a gift, he gave his fans a live clip of That’s Okay that made many cry a river of tears. There is more! He is also confirmed to star in Secret and The Moon, getting ready to be back on the big screen.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment Japan

Idol Kyungsoo

If there is a term to describe a person who is over multi-talented, I bet that would perfectly suit Kyungsoo. He is not only a dancer and singer but he is a performer who can set fire on stage. To be specific, an artist who can turn a good song into a masterpiece and an idol who can effortlessly slay all performances.

Do you know what makes him DOHminate? It is the fact that he can gives us goosebumps on stage and on screen! I am sure when I say that Kyungsoo is the best idol and actor there is.

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Actor Kyungsoo

What genre and role EXO’s Doh Kyungsoo cannot pull off? I bet, there is none!

Knowing and watching him in different dramas and movies, it is easy to say that D.O. is a versatile actor, aside from being a great idol. He touched our hearts and souls in It’s Okay, That’s Love. He gave us goosebumps in Hello, Monster. Kyungsoo made us cry a drum of tears in My Annoying Brother. He stole our hearts in 100 Days My Prince. He left us in awe in Swing Kids, and there is a lot more!

Seeing him in a drama or show simply means putting us on a ride of the roller coaster of emotions. However, it is not just about the feelings but also about the lessons he gives us!

If you have not seen any of his movies or dramas, just pick one and you can already agree with what I have mentioned upon seeing it. If you will ask me what is his best show, “Why choose one when you can pick all?”

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More about Kyungsoo

When we hear “all-rounder,” it is automatic to think about D.O. A cook, singer, dancer, and actor, who always gives his best to whatever he does.

Many fall in love with his visual, and there are those who feel the butterflies by seeing him showcase his talents, skills, and kindness. Meanwhile, other people love him for his intelligence and witty answers during interviews.

Whatever the reason could be, the important thing is loving Kyungsoo until the end.

Message for Kyungsoo

Thank you, Kyungsoo, for existing and sending us a lot of joy. You have a different impact on my life and you help me realize the importance of being sensitive to the feelings of others. You also taught me to think first before saying anything else. I really adore and appreciate you.

My love for you will only grow day by day, Kyungsoo. I will always be here to purely love, support, believe, and trust you. I will always be here through thick and thin.

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To the man who continually helps me see the best in me, go outside my comfort zone, always give my very best, and to him who taught me the beauty of waiting and sincerity. I love you so much, D.O. You deserve only the best. For everything you have done for everyone, it is no doubt why many people love, appreciate, support, and care for you.

Kyungsoo, I hope, time will come when I can finally see you up close and watch you perform live on stage. For now, I will keep on supporting you from a far and I am already happy with this kind of set up as long as you are happy.

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