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10 Reasons to watch “100 Days My Prince” starring Do Kyungsoo and Nam Ji Hyun

If you’re looking for an all out K-drama with historical, action, mystery, thriller, and comedy genres, 100 Days My Prince is for you! It will teach you a lot of things in life, love, and even about being a good leader showing leadership. It might give you a pang in the heart but will still amaze, thrilled, and make you believe in love.

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It tells the story of a Crown Prince who was considered death after he was ambushed. The truth is, he only got missing and found himself in Sojoong Village. He’ll meet different people for 100 days which will teach him a lot in life. One of those is the person he has been looking for since he was a child.

Do Kyungsoo as the Crown Prince and Won Deuk. Then, Nam Ji Hyun as Yi Suh and Hong Shim.

To know more about this K-drama, here’s a list of 10 reasons to watch it!

Outstanding acting skills of the cast members

I already watched Kyungsoo in different Korean movies and drama, so watching him in 100 Days My Prince felt so refreshing. I’ve seen him as a sociopath in Hello, Monster and a blind athlete in My Annoying Brother; then, here’s him being a cold yet sympathetic prince. Without being a bias, this role of him really showed different sides of him. I really feel proud of him, his dedication in what he’s doing, and his talents.

Next, it is not just Kyungsoo who did great in this drama but all the cast members as well. From him, to Nam Ji Hyun, to all the supporting characters. They portrayed their roles so well that will surely sway you while watching. Personally, I really want to give an applause to other cast members, such as Do Ji Han, Kim Seon Ho, Kim Jae Yang, Heo Jung Min, and Kang Yeong Seok. They might not have a lot of appearances yet they still showed their best efforts.

Great job to everyone! I would like to thank them for all their hard work. For sure, the training and shooting are not so easy but they still did so great upon expected.

To the production team and all the staff, thank you!

Plot twists

This K-drama’s plot make look so simple to others upon reading it; however, the plot twists it offer will surely amaze you. It runs smoothly and have installed the twists in right time and place. There are times when you might think that everything might not fall into its right places but you’ll be shocked later on.

Along with this is the life lessons you will learn from the very beginning until the end. So, it’s really enjoying watching this K-drama. Things are so refreshing and will help you believe in love but it’ll also give you goosebumps with its action-mystery-thriller parts.

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Just a few words for you, bes; episodes 15 and 16 will surely give you a pang in the heart and will cause you hold your breath but it will also warm your heart. Until the last episode, plot twists will still be there. However, make sure to have a handkerchief with yoy while watching 16th episode.

Mixed historical, action, mystery, thriller, and comedy K-drama

100s My Prince is a mixed historical, action, mystery, thriller, and comedy K-drama. You will learn a lot even more about South Korea while watching this as well as the background of Koreans. There are tradition, culture, and politics involved that will lead you to understanding them deeper.

On the other hand, this K-drama will also make you curious and hold your breath because of its action, mystery, and thriller genres. I am deeply amazed with the martial arts and archery skills of the characters. It seems like they really have gone through a serious training for this. On the same note, it also has characters which will truly get into your nerves because of their evil deeds.

However, this K-drama is also a stress reliever that will surely make your day brightened up. I almost got a stomachache for laughing so hard especially when the Crown Prince found himself having an amnesia. The family and people around the person who saved him, Yoon, treated the Crown Prince like a slave but not in a poor or bad way. Yoon even slapped him on the face which made me ask myself, “What will happen later on if they’ll found out the truth?”

Other villagers even called him dumb and it made me laugh because I’m excited for them to know the truth. There’s also the Jung Jae Yoon calling Won Deuk as someone who is the opposite of a decent man he expected; after he received a special gift from the King. You will know later on why he didn’t recognize Won Deuk as the Crown Prince!

Relatable scenes

There are various relatable scenes in this K-drama which will surely draw the viewers more into it. This is not just about the politics, big gap in social class, but also in terms of family, friendship, and love relationship.

I dearly love seeing the good sibling relationship of [Hong Shim and him]. Their love for one another to the point that they will sacrifice their lives for one another is so pure.

Aside from that, when Kkeut Nyeo told Hong Shim that they better have a daughter and son; so, they’ll marry them off is so cute. Although it was just a joke of two best friends, many of us can relate in that situation; thinking if our child can marry or be best friends with our best friend’s child too. Still, of course, the decision should be in the children.

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Additionally, there’s also Hong Shim throwing away the gift of Won Deuk. However, she still looks for it while remembering him. There might be times when we want to forget about someone, so we would like to get rid of the things he/she gave us. Still, we can’t do it because of our love and longing.

Moreover, there are a lot of relatable scenes in this K-drama that you should look forward to. From simple things to big happenings that will soften your heart.

Characters’ strength and development

All of the characters have their own share of strengths and development which the viewers should look forward to. However, I will only name a few, so you’ll still discover more for yourself.

First, the strength and bravery of Hong Shim are something that will surely inspire you. For a young girl who suffered from traumatic experiences and was left alone, she is so brave who still remained kind to everyone especially to the needy.

Second, it really amazed me when Won Deuk said that Ma Chil, who is known as a bad loan shark, might still do something kind in his life. Believing in someone despite their evil deeds is such a great thing and can be considered as one’s strength. In fact, it can even help us see the goodness in everyone. In Won Deuk’s case, it’s a character development for him— for the Crown Prince.

He learned to see the good in others, notice the poor’s hardships, show sympathy, and put himself in others shoes. So, I really felt his sadness and deep cut in his heart when he cried the first time again.

Third, I would like to applaud the loyalty of four people in the Crown Prince’s life, from the palace. I would not spill their names to avoid further spoiling! Still, I must say that loyalty cannot be bought by money. It is done with love and not for the love of Earthly things.

Fourth, the “we are one” attitude of Sojoong Village people. Some of them might have done small mistakes or bad things; however, their purity and sympathy for each other cannot be hidden.

Lastly, Kim Soo Ji taught us that even though he might be the son of a bad person, it doesn’t mean that he’ll inherit that kind of attitude. Everyone is different; blood connection or being in the same society doesn’t mean that you’re all the same. It’s his strength— choosing the right path for him and avoiding what he knows is wrong.

Life lesson 1: Love will find a way

100 Days My Prince made me believe in true love. That, if you’re really for each other, love and life will find a way for the two of you to meet again. Destiny.

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Even in friendship of the Crown Prince to Dong Joo and Jae Yoon drew me to believing that true love is not just for love relationship and in family that can be found; it could be with your friends. So, choose wisely who you befriend with. Life is so short, live in love.

Life lesson 2: Love in different forms

There are people who will love you and not use you even if you have everything. On the other hand, some will still love you even if you have nothing.

I really love then scenes when Won Deuk got in trouble, those who are close to him from the village tried to protect him in their little ways. Then, the birthday surprise they’ve prepared to make Won Deuk happy.

If people love you, they will love you in their own ways. You don’t need to show off or so to capture other’s heart.

Life lesson 3: Do not be greedy to the point that you’ll hurt others

Whether it’s about the king or the vice premier, they both showed us that being greedy to the point that you’re ready to hurt others is not good. Don’t settle for less or take shortcuts to attain what you want. Because if it’s done from evil deeds, will you truly be happy at the end?

Life lesson 4: Be kind and generous

100 Days My Prince pushes me more to be kind and generous. Life is not just about us, it’s also about others’ lives. How beautiful the world could be if we’re ready to be kind-hearted people?

When you find someone like that in your life, treasure him/her. However, don’t forget to be a blessing to other’s life as well. Life is not about what you gain but what you give— a good thing to help others and basically for Him.

Inspiring and life changing lines

Those who hurt others are dumb.

Yoon Yi Suh

It is not right to be mad at someone who is already repenting.

Yoon Yi Suh

Whether you have committed high treason or violated moral principles, you have nothing to do with it right now.


You cannot judge a book by its cover. A good-looking face is not as important as a good heart. Looks don’t matter to me.

Hong Shim

It is always an option to take your time from everything.

Jae Yoon

Do not keep your tears back. Holding it will only bring more pain.

Hong Shim
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  1. Wow, you just convinced me to watch 100 Days My Prince. I’m currently watching Itaewon class and I’m digging it. I just got into this whole KPOP drama thing and I’m loving it so far.

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