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Get To Know Rising Star Ryeo Un and His Dramas!

There are so many South Korean rookie actors that were rising nowadays, and most of them are already known as they were starred or have a cameo role in some of hit dramas.

However, if you are a huge fan of web dramas, you’ve probably seen Ryeo Un as he played different roles in various popular series.

No wonder he undeniably captivate your heart with his charms and comely aura.

And the reasons why you’re here was that you might want to find out a bit more about him, here are the things you must consider to stan our rising star, Ryeo Un!

Meet Ryeo Un

1. He has exceptional visuals!

Image from Campus Plus

As you may know he recently starred in two popular dramas such as 18 Again and Home Made Love Story, and a lot of people are fascinated with his overflowing yet seductive visuals.

Although, he is only 22 years old but it looks like he serving us an ultimate boyfriend material that will make your heart flutter even more.

You can check it out through his instagram feed here:

2. A versatile rookie actor.

Image from KBS

Over the years he had acted in countless drama series already.

In spite of that, he consistently gave us justice in every roles he portray from being a student to young chef and even a detective.

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He assured that his characters will leave a great impact to the viewers but just a quick trivia he started to gained popularity when he appeared in KBS drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’ and MBC ‘365: Repeat The Year’.

3. Strong resemblance with Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Gum

Image from Lucky Company

Aside from his odd acting skills, a lot of his fans compliments that he looks like Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Gum in some angles.

In an interview with BNT Magazine, Ryeo Un confessed that he frequently hear people always tell him that he resembled with the two top actors.

Despite of that he humbly response and said he’s very honored to hear it, and maybe because people sees a big, bright future ahead of him.

4. He has kind-hearted personality and cute habits!

Image from OSEN

The young actor also shared an honest thoughts through BNT Magazine interview that he perpetually expressed his respect towards his superiors because for him he learned a lot from them and he felt like he grew a lot as well.

He also added that he really likes to eat a lot and quickly gained weight that’s why he always make sure to follow the required diet and exercise regime.

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5. Best-known for his Web-Dramas

Image from JTBC

Apart from his notable dramas he started to capture the attention of the public, when he starred in various webseries such as ‘IN-SEOUL’ (2019), ‘Instant Romance’ (2018), ‘Real Life Love Story S1-S4’ (2018) and ‘The World Of My 17’ (2020).

There’s no doubt that Ryeo Un will probably receives a huge popularity in the near future because he is an indeed actor.

Dramas Starring Ryeo Un last 2020

1. ‘The World Of My 17’

Image from Naver TV

The story is actually based on the webtoon ‘Morrang’ and deals with four young high school students which may show their daily life as a teenagers and student, wherein friends make up the entirety of one’s world.

He played Yoo Jin Hyuk a handsome friend of Oh Nari (OH MY GIRL’s Arin)

2. ‘365: Repeat The Year’

Image from MBC

A fantasy-mystery drama who tells a story of ten people who dreams to have a perfect life and they get a chance to travel back in time by one year. They were able to reset their lives there, however a mysterious cases came along and threatens their lives.

He portrays the role of Nam Soon Woo who works as a detective.

3. 18 Again

It tells a story of Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) who’s unhappy with the way his life turned out, One day he wishes that he could be eighteen again, but his wish has been granted immediately he regained his eighteen years old body and changes his name to Go Woo Young (Lee Do Hyun}

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Ryeo Un played the role of Hong Dae Young’s 18 year old son who experienced bullying at his school. Unknowingly he was interested in playing basketball like his father but he chose not to tell his parents.

4. Home Made Love Story

Image from KBS

A story of Woo Jae Hee (Lee Jang Woo) a handsome and smart who works as an architect at the house remodeling site and Lee Bit Chae Woon (Jin Ki-Joo) who’s head of household and works for an interior design shop.

They’re both residents at a boarding house called Samgwang Villa with three families who lives under one roof. Ryeo Un portrays the role of Lee Ra Hoon younger brother of chae woon

And that’s it, here are the things you should ruminate for you to be able to start to adore him.

Let’s cherish our love, appreciation and support towards him and witness as he achieves another milestone on his journey.

Watch a few clips of Ryeo Un’s recent dramas here:

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