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6 Undeceiving Reasons to Watch ‘The Con-Heartist’

Disclaimer: All written in this article is solely from the views and opinion of the writer. It is also a spoiler-free article.

Are you looking for a film that you can just finish in two hours having a good laugh and realization all throughout the screen time? A film that is definitely a worthy one?

Then, The Con-Heartist starring Nadech Kugimiya, Baifern, and Bank Mahayotaruk is what you are looking for!

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It is a 2020 Thai romance-comedy film that revolves around a woman named Ina, an ex-banker who got scammed by her ex-boyfriend that results to her misfortune. She is now living with a huge debt and having a hard time paying it.

As the story goes, she meet a con-artist who tries to con her and they team up to get back all the money her ex-boyfriend got.

The plot sounds so interesting, right? Well, aside from that here are the six (6) reasons as to why you need to watch it:

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1. Well-portrayed characters

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The set of characters which was portrayed by the amazing and star-studded cast made the film even more exciting and appealing!

All I can say is that, the casts are perfect! I love Baifern and Nadech’s tandem, they look good together! The other casts namely Bank Thiti (Petch), Mam Kathaleeya (Miss Nongnuch), and Phuak Pongsatorn (Mr. Jone) also show their wide acting skills and duality in their roles.

2. It is indeed a coNedy film!

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It will make you laugh and brighten your mood as the story has its own comical sidepack. If you are feeling sad, this film will surely bring you to the other world and make you happy.

3. Full-packed emotions

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Aside laughing your heart out, you will also feel kilig and genuineness toward the casts and the storyline โ€” it is full of emotions!

You won’t realize while watching that you are already smiling not because the scene is funny, but because you feel their genuineness. And that genuineness the story shows will also make you cry and realize a lot of things.

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4. Makes you wonder and realize

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A story is not a worthy one if you didn’t learn from it. Thus, The Con-Heartist gives you a lot of realizations in life.

One of these is the thought of not to deceive and lie someone for your own gain or whatever reasons you may have. Deceiving other people is never good and there is no justification for this act.

Always remember that when you lie to someone, it brings a great deal of pain and emotional impact that person. It leaves a scar on her heart that proves how deeply s/he was hurt by your actions.

5. Foundation of trust

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Trust becomes so vague these days. People are having trust issues and hard time in concluding with the people they just met.

In this film, it shows building trust as well as securing the trust you give to other people. It is not easy to just give your trust but sometimes, you also need to leave it to the person and be careful at the same time. Other people should also value it to avoid any issues and harm.

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6. Views in life

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The Con-Heartist talks about life. We may have different opinions and views, but as long as it didn’t affect and harm other people, then it is okay.

There is also an intances that you got to change your views in life because of the things that happened to your life. It is amazing how our life can change in just a snap.

Among these 6 reason, there are still more to explore in the film. Your 2 hours and 7 mins will be worth to spend watching the Con-Heartist.

Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Haven’t watched this one, but while I’m watching Bambam’s OST MV for this film, I can’t help but smile upon looking at Baifern, Nadech, and especially Bank ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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