Fangirl with a Cause: BTOB Philippines Celebrates BTOB Members’ Birthday

On March 9, fans of BTOBㅡ Philippine Melodies celebrated the birthday of BTOB members Im Hyunsik and Shin Peniel at CHILD Haus Manila Foundation.


BTOB Philippines’ goal is to celebrate the birthday of each members through helping a foundation. For the birthday project of Hyunsik and Peniel, the chosen foundation was CHILD Haus Manila.

The mission of CHILD Haus Foundation is to be of help to children and adult patients aflicted by cancer providing them temporary home while undergoing medical evaluation and/or treatment in different government hospitals in Metro Manila.

Fans celebrated Hyunsik and Peniel’s birthday with the families at Child Haus Foundation thru interactive games and activities. A game inspired by the TV Show — It’s Showtime was done where a picture will be shown and they have to copy and pose.

Karylle, It’s Showtime host, supports Childhaus Foundation as well.

Copy-Cat Game with the Parents
Copy-Cat Game with the Kids

Melodies were able to get to know more about the children’s dream and ambition through art where they had to draw and explain what are their dreams in life. Many of them want to be a doctor to help those who are in need. Others dream to be a Teacher, Architech, Veterenarian, Artist, Singer, Basketball Player. There are some who wish to be a Super Hero to save the world or become a Robot! The kids shared their dreams happily and Melodies were really touched by their stories.

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Some of the are kids K-pop fan as well and they danced to Black Pink’s song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

Of course, a birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the snacks!

Everyone had a great time and it was made possible by the fans and their love for their Idols. The love and care that they have for the fandom were shared to these precious kids and their families as well.

Towards the end of the program, Melodies were surprised when the kids showed their appreciation through this hand made birthday greeting poster for the celebrants Hyunsik and Peniel. The poster will be  given to BTOB through their mailbox at Cube Entertainment building in South Korea.

The fans were also able to relate with this writing on the wall:

As we all know, fans may have been spending money (lots of it) for concerts, merchandise and a lot more but being a fan doesn’t start and just end with that. Being a fan is not just about supporting the group you like but also being able to share the love you have for your faves to other people as well. By having the heart to help and and the initiative to do these kinds of activities like a donation drive, fans are able to help others and bring smiles to their faces as well as contribute to the community.

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We pray that these kids will recover and be healthy again to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We hope that they will also be an inspiration to other people just like how our idols inspire us.
If you want to know more about the Foundation, you may directly visit them at 1448 Agoncillo St, Ermita Manila, Philippines.
See more photos at BTOBPH Facebook page.

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