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7 Reasons to Watch Netflix’s Revenge Series, “The Glory”

Netflix‘s newest K-drama series, “The Glory”, is now making a buzz for its thrilling plot that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

For something as intense as this series, there’s no reason to skip it. Nonetheless, we’re still giving you a glimpse of what to expect in this revenge drama. (We promise you zero spoilers!)

(Left to right) Park Sung-hoon l Lim Ji-yeon l Lee Do-hyun l Song Hye-kyo l Yeom Hye-ran l  Jung Sung-ill | Writer Kim Eun-sook | Director Ahn Gil-ho
(Photo Courtesy of Netflix)

1. “It’s Magnificent, Intense, and Grim at the Same Time.”

After a childhood marked by pain and violence, Moon Dong Eun’s soul is crushed. Without no one helping her, even her own parents, Dong-Eun wants to commit suicide. However, after some thinking, her mindset shifts to wanting the perpetrators to be punished instead.

Hence, ever since, she has dedicated her life to planning a meticulous web of vengeance against all her high school bullies.

2. A Challenge for the Goddess of Romcom of K-dramas

In the press conference, Song Hye Kyo admits that it is a challenge to portray Moon Dong Eun. After completing romcoms and melodramas, she shows a completely new character we’ve never seen. According to writer Kim Eun Sook, Hye Kyo’s performance sent chills down her spine.

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From how she talks and walks – the audience will not see any traces of her former characters. The Glory director, An Gil Ho, also praises Hye Kyo by saying she is “120% and beyond” as she perfectly captures the essence of her character, Dong Eun.

“Emotionally speaking, it was extremely challenging. There were many moments where I really felt for Dong-eun. There were many difficulties in terms of how I wanted to portray those

– Song Hye Kyo during The Glory Press Conference

3. Created By South Korea’s Top-Tier Writer and Director

“The Glory” is written by South Korea’s beloved screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook. The same woman that brought us Goblin: The Lonely and Great God and Descendants of the Sun. Many are anticipating her inflection point as “The Glory” is a vengeance plot and something villainous that is a far cry from her former works.

“I always made it a point to never self-duplicate my works and I was creating
constant change through my works.”

– Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook during The Glory Press Conference

In addition, Director An Gil Ho is another decorated creative to lead this drama. His previous works include Memories of the Alhambra and the zombie apocalypse series, Happiness.

During the press conference, writer Sook expressed her gratitude to the director by calling him a “magician”.

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4. Explicit and Dark R-19 Scenes that Widen Your Perspective

Generally, revenge is treated as something diabolical. However, The Glory hopes to express a deeper approach to revenge to express Dong Eun’s heavy emotions. Hence, the drama is ONLY recommended to adults because they can discern right from wrong. “The storyline is something a 19-year-old or older can understand.” As expressed by writer Kim Eun Sook.

The Glory is not suitable for 18 years old and below. So if you are a minor reading this article, Annyeong Oppa strongly opposes watching the series.

5. It Tackles a Universal Dilemma

School violence is not something exclusive to South Korea. It is an alarming issue throughout the world. The Glory is a bold drama that sheds light on something sensitive. It highlights how school violence disrupts not just a child’s studying habits but also his entire life.

The Glory is more than a revenge drama. It digs deep into the long-term effects of school bullying. How the pain inflicted on a child carries over even after they grow old.

“At the time of school violence, they get to lose things that are intangible, like
their dignity, their glory, things like that. That’s why I named the title The Glory.”

– Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook during The Glory Press Conference

6. The Glory’s Storyline that Will Keep You Wanting More

As announced, The Glory will be released in two parts. According to Director Ahn, the second part will drop in March. Moreover, it was revealed that it would run a total of 16 episodes, divided equally into two.

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7. Beautiful Pair of Hye Kyo and Do Hyun

Although it is a drama with a dark plot, I bet everyone will still gush over Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun together. The leads have a unique relationship between love and solidarity, encapsulating the “ride or die” concept perfectly.

In the interview, both find it challenging to work on their chemistry and steer away from a lovey-dovey romcom type that would clearly not fit the genre and overall vibe of the drama.

Catch THE GLORY on Netflix starting December 30, 2022.

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