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10 Honest reasons to watch original Netflix series “The School Nurse Files” now!

Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi are ready to bring fun and comfort to the fans, and to take them in a world of unusual wonder and heroes through the original Netflix fantasy series, "The School Nurse Files."

The long wait has finally been over! Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi’s The School Nurse Files is now available on Netflix, September 25. The two just attended the press conference on September 24, a day before its release, to share more about their roles along with the story, and more.

Have you seen it already, bes? Or are you still thinking twice whether to watch it now or later? Then, we are here to help you decide to watch it ASAP by the 10 honest reasons below!

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Plot summary

The School Nurse Files tells the story of Ahn Eunyoung (Jung Yumi), the only one who can see a world where jellies are everywhere. These jellies are the representation or byproducts of greed which some of these are harmful and some are harmless.

She fights with all the contaminated jellies everyday; then, one day, it becomes a much dynamic battle when Hong Inpyo (Nam Joohyuk) arrived. He is a Chinese Characters teacher possessing special powers.

When he was young, he got into a car accident which causes him to walk with a pronounced limp. Later on, they will join forces to protect the school using their special abilities.

10 Honest reasons to watch it now!

1. It is Nam Joohyuk’s drama after 18 months!

If you are a big fan of Nam Joohyuk or a Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo stan, you will definitely love to see Joohyuk on the small screen again. It has been 18 months already since The Light In Your Eyes ended and, like us, you might also have been waiting for his return!

We are telling you, the long wait is seriously worth it because The School Nurse Files is just daebak. Daebak!

2. Fresh character for Joohyuk

We have seen different roles of Joohyuk, like the bubbly one, serious, and more. In this Netflix fantasy K-drama, you will be meeting a “boring teacher who is loved by colleagues because he is the grandson of the chairman” as described by his fellow teachers. However, little do they know that he also holds a powerful, mysterious, and caring side!

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You will love how much he cares for the students and wants the best for them. Yet, you might also get curious of his whos, whats, wheres, and whys; something like, “Where did he get his limp?” and many more!

What we can assure you is that, Joohyuk did great in portraying his character here. You will surely get swayed and see him as Hong Inpyo and not as Joohyuk.

3. Jung Yumi is also a great actress

Yumi is best known for her film, such as Train to Busan and Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982, and K-dramas, like Discovery of Love and Live. She has proved how great she is in acting by giving us goosebumps and making us cry as well.

In this series, she will be sending us to a rolling coaster of emotions! Expect a thrilling, mysterious, saddening, and all out laughter moments with them.

4. Good highlight for other actors

Yoo Teo, Hyeon Wooseok, Lee Jooyoung, Shim Dalgi, Choi Junyoung, Moon Sori, and other supporting actors and actresses were highlighted well for their roles. They have given their best to portray their character and give justice to it.

I like how they act and perfectly use facial expressions and body language to convey emotions and messages. It was great to watch a K-drama where it is not just the main roles being showcased but the supporting ones as well. Through this, they were able to give out their best and show their talent!

5. It can be finished in 6 hours

If you love watching short K-dramas, you will surely love the fact that The School Nurse Files can be watched in one sitting! Yes, bes, the first season is only six hours to binge watch.

If your schedule is tight but craving for something fun, thrilling, and heartwarming to watch, this K-drama is best for you! Just expect that it will be something “nakakabitin!” as there would be a second season.

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6. A K-drama with variety of genre you will love!

Personally, the thing I really love about this fantasy K-drama is that it is not plainly fantasy and romantic. It has the touch of mystery, thriller, youth, and comedy.

I really had a great time watching it, laughing as if I have no deadline to meet at school— laughing with no regret. If you are having a hard time, The School Nurse Files might help you feel at ease and good. Or if you like youth story, this one will surely suit to your taste.

Other than that, it is also mysterious as different characters will get you curious about who they are, what are their motives, and so on. Yumi and Joohyuk did their best to make this genre effective and for it to compliment the thrilling part. Although it is not so “thrilling” as you might expect, the “thrill” it possesses is enough to close your eyes a little or hold your breathe for a while!

Despite the variety of genre, The School Nurse Files did not leave any introduced genre behind. It is consistent and convincing enough for you to instantly click “Next Episode”!

As I have mentioned, I like how it is not purely fantasy – romantic likely to what we usually see. Expect for a thrilling journey of the school nurse, teachers, and students!

7. Tackles problems usually faced by students

The School Nurse Files is truly relatable especially for those who are currently studying because it tackles the problems usually faced by students. It is empathizing and comforting enough to let us know that we are doing well. In my point of view, it also wants to assure us that we can get through the challenges each of us are experiencing, little by little, in our own pace.

Still, this series is also an eye-opener for us to see our wrongdoings and reflect upon on what we have done so far. Are we sure that we are kind enough towards ourselves and others? Are we sure that we are not hurting anyone else?

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8. Heartwarming: Love and care of teachers and school staff for students

Do you feel at home when you are in your university? Do you feel like somebody else out there cares for you?

Teacher Inpyo and Nurse Eunyoung will let us see the efforts and care of teachers and other staff in school for students. They might not be showy of it but they truly want the students learn and be guided.

According to its writer, Chung Serang, “I wanted to write a story about good-hearted adults who wish to protect minors without expecting anything in return.” She added, “I wanted to share some warmth to all of the lonely people everywhere through this new world where imperfect Ahn Eunyoung and Hong Inpyo meet.”

9. Watch out for different battles of Nurse Eunyoung and Teacher Inpyo

What makes this K-drama not a boring one is the different subtopics it has. There are various, but not too many, battles of Nurse Eunyoung to watch out for! Wherein, each of these will leave a lesson to the viewers. Additionally, all the subtopics are also important to understand more the characters and the story itself.

Moreover, you should also anticipate the connection and relationship that will be built between Eunyoung and Inpyo. Through their journey, they will be each other’s strength in different ways.

10. Soothing to the ears OST

A K-drama will be incomplete without an original soundtrack, right? It is something that also drives the story for us, viewers, to be drawn closer to the characters.

In The School Nurse Files, I love how the OSTs are made and utilized in various scenes. The beat and tune help me feel the emotions of the characters and vibes of the moments!

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