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Netflix series “The School Nurse Files” unveils character posters + release date

Another Netflix original Korean drama series will emblaze on our Netflix screens this year!

Netflix Korea posted on August 14 through their official Instagram account the character posters of its upcoming drama, The School Nurse Files starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi.

The caption reads, “Save a school full of colorful jelly. The School Nurse Files has been confirmed to release on September 25 at 4 PM KST.”

Photo source: netflixkr

In the posters, it show Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi’s faces individually. Their charismatic faces were revealed surrounded with lively and colorful jellyfishes on their shoulder.

The School Nurse Files is a fantasy drama about the newly appointed high school nurse Ahn Ehn Young (played by Jung Yoo Mi) and Chinese Literature teacher Hong In Pyo (Nam Joo Hyuk).

Ahn Ehn Young finds unusual mysterious happenings in the school as she has the ability to see supernatural, jelly-like creatures around her that are invisible to other people.

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With that, she solves those mysteries with the help of Hong In Pyo, who is also the grandson of the school’s founder. They embark in a battle to protect the school and the students.

Moreover, the said drama is directed by Lee Kyoung Mi and written by Chung Se Rang, who is the original writer of the novel, which drama is based on.

The School Nurse Files is set to premiere on September 25 at 4PM KST, exclusively on Netflix.

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