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‘The Light in Your Eyes’ stars Nam Joo Hyuk amd Han Ji Min featured on Dazed Korea

'The Light in Your Eyes' stars Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk posed perfectly together for the latest issue of Dazed Korea.

The photos featured the wonderful beaches in Ana Icanja Beach Resort in Okinawa, Japan where the stars have to travel. 

In their interview, the stars explained their roles in the drama. Han Ji Min played the younger version of Kim Hye Ja, an 80-year old woman, whereas, Nam Joo Hyuk played Joon Ha, a guy who hopes to become a successful reporter.

IMAGE: Dazed Korea

Han revealed that she had the script for the drama while she was preparing for tVN’s ‘Familiar Wife’. When she heard that the drama is dedicated to Kim Hye Ja, she accepted the project all the way.

Nam, on the other hand, said that it is a pleasure working with some of the greatest actresses in the industry and taking his role as Joon-Ha is quite challenging for him.

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IMAGE: Dazed Korea

Check out more of the photos below!

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