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Netflix confirms Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun to star in new action noir series ‘Undercover’

Another Netflix series starring Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and other veteran actors will air soon!

Netflix confirmed on September 22 the casts of its upcoming action noir series titled Undercover (working title).

The said casts are Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Hak Ju, and Jang Yull.

Undercover revolves around a girl named Ji U who faces the harsh reality in her way out seeking revenge.

She joins a drug cartel and becomes a spy in the police force to uncover the truth behind her father’s death.

Moreover, it is written by Kim Va Da who wrote scripts for films such as Life Risking Romance and The Huntress, and 2012 drama Hero.

It is also directed by Kim Jin Min who directed the 2020 Netflix original series Extracurricular that recieves praises and positive feedback.

Talking about the casts, Han So Hee who rose to fame in the 2020 hit drama, The World of the Married, will play the powerful lead role named Yun Ji U.

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Yun Ji U becomes part of a criminal organization as the organization’s undercover agent in the police force.

With her goal to avenge her father who had died suspiciously, she will begin to unravel the secret behind her father’s death.

Itaewon ClassAhn Bo Hyun will play the character of police detective Jeon Pil Do of the narcotics unit.

He is the competent, gutsy, and meticulous partner of Ji U (Han So Hee) in the investigation.

Park Hee Soon will join the cast portraying the character of the kingpin of Dongcheon, the country’s top drug cartel, Choi Mu Jin.

Choi Mu Jin is an indecipherable individual who made Yun Ji U (Han So Hee) into an undercover agent.

Along with them is Kim Sang Ho who will play as Cha Gi Ho, the chief of the narcotics unit.

He is obsessed in bringing down the Dongcheon cartel before he retires in the work force.

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Lee Hak Ju will also take his role as Tae Ju, Choi Mu Jin’s underling who earns the rare trust of his boss for being obedient and loyal.

Lastly, Jang Yull will be playing the character of Do Gang Jae, a cartel member who was depose for causing trouble.

Later on, he will use his vengeful knife against Yun Ji U (Han So Hee) that will add conflicts to the story.

Undercover will be released on Netflix and there’s no specific date yet of the premiere.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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