ICYMI: “2gether” stars BrightWin joined F4 Thailand, to star “Meteor Garden” remake

“The wait is over!” After successful 2gether: The Series, the most trending Thai BL couple headlines Thailand’s remake of classic drama Meteor Garden.

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Actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin of the hit Thai-BL show 2gether: The Series is set to join as members of F4 for the Thai remake of Meteor Garden.

GMMTV released on Wednesday, September 16, the teaser as well as the other actors included on the said remake.

Revealed on their Twitter account, Bright plays the role of ‘Thyme’ and Win will act as ‘Kavin’.

Along with BrightWin are GMMTV’s rookie artists Dew Jirawat (as Ren) and Nani Hirunkit (as MJ).

Then, the remake’s female lead, Gorya, will be played by Tu Tontawan.

The classic drama remake was revealed days after the BL couple’s latest project, Still: 2gether, which is the special series of their hit show.

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Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese classic drama which in fact had remakes already in Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

The story revolves around Shan Cai entering the most prestigious school, dominated by the most famous F4 gang consisted of Dao Ming Si, Hua Zi Lei, XI Men, and Mei Zuo.

Being the obnoxious gang, they would love to trip around and hand out ‘red cards’ to persons whom they don’t like.

Moreover, Shan Cai starts her encounter with the gang as she fights back when the clique (especially Ming Si) tripped on her friend.

A then-hate relationship between Shan Cai and Ming Si starts to question their feelings with each other.

The remake will set to air on 2021.

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