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iKON celebrates 5th Anniversary and here’s their warm presents for iKONICs

iKON celebrated their 5th anniversary since their official debut in September 15, 2015 and we are all grateful since then!

Images from iKON’s Official Vlive

As much as iKONICs expressed their heartfelt and warm messages for the boys, the members also gave their best to return the favor to iKONICs.

Isn’t they sweet?

Check out their secret selfies uploaded from their official Vlive account on September 15.

Secret Selfie #1 Jay
Secret Selfie #2 Chan
Secret Selfie #3 DK
Secret Selfie #4 June
Secret Selfie #5 Song
Secret Selfie #6

Aside from posting an individual contents on their personal sns account. The members also had two live videos through Vlive’s fanship and for non-fanship members.

You may also watch some clip from their YouTube account.

iKON doing their best to give iKONICs the best of everything is so precious. We are indeed bless to meet them in this lifetime.

Let’s go walk together with iKON!

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