The Winning Equation: When We Win Together with Win Metawin

Written by: Paul Angelo Barroga

Win will definitely pull off a show with his winning equation: talent, passion, and fanfare!

When we win in life, it’s definitely worthy of a grand celebration, that’s why Win Metawin’s 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila will be a night to remember. His charm and sweet smile have always been eye-catching from the moment he debuted in 2020 and first appeared as Tine in the hit boys’ love series “2gether: The Series” alongside Sarawat, played by fellow actor Bright Vachirawit. Their partnership as a love team, popularly known as “BrightWin,” has sparked global attention and unprecedented demand for the BL genre, and as one-half of the tandem, Win has achieved one of his first winning moments early in his career. 

Metawin‘s beloved loyal fans, Snowball Powers, can surely testify with pride and glee if asked how he caught their hearts with his romantic lines and swoon-worthy visuals coupled with his excellent acting, not only in his highly successful debut series and its sequel, “Still 2gether,”  but also in his subsequent projects like “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers,” “Devil Sister,” and “Good Old Days.” Even as a newcomer, he is undeniably one of the most in-demand celebrities in Thailand, with his massive fanbase and influence spanning multiple countries and territories all over the world. 

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Beyond that, Win has also won the attention and admiration of fashion industry giants, working as a brand ambassador for Prada and a model for luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton among others. He has also frequently appeared in Vogue, GQ, and other high-profile fashion magazines. Dabbling as an entrepreneur himself, his own fashion brand “VELENCE” is selling stylish clothing and quality accessories to consumers since 2020 while inspiring social change through committed donations to orphaned children and worthy causes. 

Not only is he accomplished in the entertainment and fashion industries, for Win is also putting his economics degree to good use with his other two businesses. He has founded “SOURI,” a macaron pop-up store and pastry business established in 2020 in partnership with his sister, and “VELATO,” an ice cream shop launched in 2021 that offers delectable frozen desserts.

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A man with many talents and a knack for business, Win has passionately embodied his name for he has truly won a lot in life, all thanks to his good heart, hardworking nature, and praiseworthy dedication to his craft. It’s no wonder that he draws and sustains people’s admiration for him, and with his first fan meeting in Manila, his Filipino Snowball Powers have finally won the long-awaited opportunity to be with him and celebrate him. Triumphant together, we win with Win! 

Win Metawin’s 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by PULP Live World.

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